Brian Tracy – Inside the Mind of a Successful Entrepreneur MP3 PDF

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Brian Tracy – Inside the Mind of a Successful Entrepreneur MP3 PDF

Brian Tracy – Inside the Mind of a Successful Entrepreneur MP3 PDF

After dealing with thousands of business owners over the years I have come to realise many things that limit a business owner’s ability to succeed. Whilst there are hundreds of reasons why business never reach their full potential, there is one overriding element that will draw the line between success and failure: mindset.

Often, if you speak to successful people they will tell you that to be prosperous in business, 80 percent of it comes down to psychology and 20 percent skill/strategy. You cant reach success if you have only one but not the other.

This explains why the majority of those who have an MBA or university degree don’t become successful in their chosen field or they decide to choose another path – because they were not passionate about their subject in the first.

It is not rare to pick up a magazine or newspaper and see a success story of someone who at one stage experienced a lot of obstacles and challenges before becoming successful as a business owner, musician, athlete or celebrity.

In fact if you study and look at some of the most successful people in the world you will come to realise that none of them were lucky or spoon-fed, in fact most had to endure hardship and battle through mountains of hurdles before reaching success. I myself failed in my first four businesses and lost half a million dollars before achieving success in my fifth business four years later.

The point of the matter is you can have all the skills, knowledge and expertise in your field but if you don’t have the right mindset to pull it all together chances are you will not be successful at the game of business.

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