Brian Tracy – Crunch Time – When the (B-l-e-e-p!) Hits the fan!

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Brian Tracy – Crunch Time – When the (B-l-e-e-p!) Hits the fan!

Brian Tracy – Crunch Time – When the (B-l-e-e-p!) Hits the fan!

“Turn any business or personal crisis into your success!”*

How important is it to YOU to be able to deal with any problem calmly and effectively?

Do you want to separate yourself as a leader?

Do you want to inspire people to do as you do?

When I was faced with these same questions in my late twenties, the answers were easy, YES I wanted to become a leader and inspire people, and YES I wanted to conquer any problem calmly and effectively. It was then that I realized it was CRUNCH TIME!

Handle problems with ease
Every business experiences problems, difficulties, temporary failures and disappointments continually. How you handle these problems is what will separate you as a leader.

You already know that you’re capable of becoming a leader! You just need more information to help you rise to the challenge.

Learn to deal with the crunch times
When you listen to my 67-minute CD Crunch Time, you will learn how to:
Take firm control of any situation
Solve any business problem
Quickly generate sales, revenues and cash flow
Stay positive and focused
Become a role model
Take complete control of your business *
“If you are in business – you must listen to this CD! This CD is packed full of useful and practical ideas to help you survive the ups and downs that will inevitably come your way in business. How you succeed in business and life depends not on what problems you get, but in what you do about them.” **
— Charles Kelley, London, UK

Show the world what you’re made of!

Buy Crunch Time today and when the BLEEP hits the fan tomorrow, YOU will know how to turn manure into MONEY!

Order Crunch Time Now!
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