Brian Johnson – 180 Philosophers Notes

Brian Johnson - 180 Philosophers Notes

Brian Johnson - 180 Philosophers Notes

Brian Johnson – 180 Philosophers Notes

Philosophers Notes Comes in 5 Categories
1 Philosophers Notes for Happiness and Positive Living.

Most of us think of happiness like a hard-to-grasp abstract painting, in reality it’s more like the good ol’ law of gravity. Uncover the scientifically proven steps to a deep sense of joy and days filled with smiles and laughter as you lap up modern masterpieces like Martin Seligman’s Authentic Happiness, and timeless classics like Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning.

2 Philosophers Notes for Wealth and Abundance.

From ingenious personal finance and investment advice to the reality-bending world of the Law of Attraction. get priceless tips and game plans for vaporizing debt, overcoming bad money programming, and finally swimming in that pool of coins you’ve always wanted. You’ll immediately recognize certain summaries, like Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad, while hidden gems like Geshe Michael Roach’s The Diamond Cutter may take you by surprise.

3 Philosophers Notes for Spiritual Growth.

Some people shave their heads and auction off their possessions to reach a higher state of consciousness. Others just read the right books. Get on first name terms with your higher self and be bulletproof against life’s petty challenges with essential classics like Rumi Daylight and Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now.

4 Philosophers Notes for People Skills and Social Life.

Be the life of the party. Charm the socks off that gorgeous demigod at the bar. Argue less with the in-laws. Anything’s possible once you understand what really makes people – and yourself – tick. Just promise us you’ll only use these people-influencing powers for good as you go from psychological heavyweights like Eric Fromm’s The Art of Loving to David Deida’s mind-blowing The Way of the Superior Man.

5 Philosophers Notes for Health and Fitness.

Thanks to scientific progress, the human body is much less of a mystery than it was decades ago – which means there’s zero excuse for winging it at the gym and gambling on the health supplements with the nicest packaging. Get all the latest breakthroughs and timeless facts on nutrition, fitness and living a long, healthy, pain-free life with books like Dr Frank Lipman’s Revive and Joel Fuhrman’s Super Immunity.

Philosophers Notes is perfect for you if you are.

An employee gunning for a raise or promotion (or maybe you just want to impress that cute co-worker with your water cooler wisdom).
An entrepreneur who wants to skyrocket your business with the wisdom of the world’s greatest billionaires, visionaries and game changers.
A personal growth or spirituality enthusiast itching to revisit your favorite books and swiftly get the key points from the ones you haven’t read yet.
A newbie or casual reader looking to quickly catch up on all the knowledge and big ideas the ‘smart’ folks are talking about at work or at school.
A person in search of fast and affordable expert guidance to overcome a specific challenge in your life – whether it’s in your finances, health or relationships.
A stuck-in-a-rut housewife or househusband in search of that spark of inspiration that will reignite your passion for life..
A fidgety go-getter who’s too busy going out, meeting people and getting things done to be sitting at home reading a book.
A scholar, teacher or mentor looking for solutions and ideas to help others wake up to their full potential (and even help yourself in the process).

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