Brian Burke & Vin DiCarlo – The Pandora’s Box System

Brian Burke & Vin DiCarlo – The Pandora’s Box System

Brian Burke & Vin DiCarlo – The Pandora’s Box System

Brian Burke & Vin DiCarlo – The Pandora’s Box System

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Author: Brian Burke & Vin DiCarlo
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Information: The Pandora’s Box System from Vin Di Carlo is an online course that helps men to understand women better. Vin Di Carlo is one of the most famous pick up artists in the world after a long history of creating products and seminars that sell very well. He has a large fan following of students that use his dating advice to get better with women. Amongst his other popular dating and pick up advice are The Attraction Code and Dominant Sexual Power.

What Is Pandoras Box?
OK, first off it is a system that allows you to observe any woman and quickly and easily determine which of 8 different kinds of women you are looking at. This is done, by answering 3 simple questions and it will be like you are able to read her mind.
To start you’ll need to identify her 3 main traits (also know as her conflicts), by answering 3 simple questions about her and how she acts.

Those three traits or conflicts are as follows:
Her “Time Line” – this will show you the exact strategy she uses to find the her perfect man.
Her “Sex Line” – this will enable you to know her views on sex and what a guy can do to turn her on.
Her “Relationship Line” – this will tell you what she seeks in a guy for a relationship.
In order to determine her type using the above criteria, you must determine the answers to the following 3 questions in this order.
It sounds complicated, but in reality it is simple and you are provided with a guide called “Mind Reading: Determining Her Type”.

The first question you must answer is related to her “Time Line” and it basically is to find out if she a Denier or a Justifier?. You will typically want to get this one answered within the first 30 seconds of meeting her as this will help determine if she’s more of a risk taker, or if she may be more conservative. The guide provides many examples and really helps you figure this out quickly and accurately.
The next question is related to her “Sex Line” and it is, is she a test or or investor? Some clues to look for are does she flirt opening with people right away, or does she seem more reserved. Is she more popular with guys or gals? The guide again, provides many easy methods for finding this out.
Lastly, at some point you’re going to want to know her relationship line, which is really just finding outve if she’s a Realist or an Idealist? You are going to look for behaviors that are more consistent with how serious she may think about life, her career or even school. Does she see the world as it is, or how she thinks it should be.
Profiling her is actually pretty fun, and you can get very good at with just a little bit of practice.
But most importantly, once you answer these 3 questions – you then will instantly know which of the 8 categories of women she belongs to and will also know exactly how to proceed to get her attracted to you. You will know exactly what to say to her, how to touch her and what kind of body language to use around her. You also will know what activities she enjoys and even what not to do around her. Remember, knowing what NOT to do, is almost as important as knowing what to do.
So once you identified her type, you will use the “Ultimate Strategy Guide For The 8 Types Of Women”, to quickly and easily know exactly what she values, who she finds herself attracted to and what she finally is looking for in a partner.

You Will Discover The Eight Categories Of Women

The Playette
Usually moderately dressed and quiet, this woman is kind of like an iceberg as there is so much beneath the surface of her personality. She can be very protective, until you win her over – then she’ll become sweet, sexy and exciting.
The Social Butterfly
Like her name implies, she will usually be very beautiful and can be very hard to catch unless you know what you are doing. This is the so called, party girl. Pretty, very energetic and the willing to talk and flirt with everyone. She would be great to date as she will make sure that things stay very exciting in the bedroom.
The Hopeful Romantic
She imagines meeting the man of her dreams, just like it is in a fairy tale and he sweeps her off her feet. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a knight in shining armor, you just need to display some of the characteristics she finds attractive and she will let her guard down… but don’t try anything until you prove that you have a romantic side.
The Cinderella
She wants her ideal man to be both strong and sensitive who is interested in a long term relationship. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get her interested in a short term fling, just know that ultimately she going to seek someone who is willing to commit to her. Oh ya, being intimate with her is amazing, for reasons you will find out in the guide.
The Private Dancer
While have a mysterious, yet innocent exterior – she tends to be very passionate and has a sensitive interior to her personality. She is a natural giver and someone who feels fulfilled in a relationship.
The Modern Woman
She’s usually very career minded, smart and very open to intimacy quickly. She basically has everything together and expects the man or the guys she’s with to be the same.
The Connoisseur
While extremely picky, she’s also very practical and even cautious about dating someone new until the right guy comes along. Then once he does, she will become extremely attached. Luckily she is also realistic and knows not to be too clingy or she will drive her man away.
The Seductress
This woman is very confident, highly intimate and very independent. While intimidating to most guys, the man who displays what she is looking for will have a tremendous advantage over all the other people who are attracted to her.

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