Brent Smith – BSL Coaching Weekend: Live Video Program

Confidence Beyond Belief-Steve G. Jones

Brent Smith - BSL Coaching Weekend: Live Video Program

Brent Smith – BSL Coaching Weekend: Live Video Program

What’s in the footage:

▪ I answer burning questions from the group in a seminar setting

▪ I conduct live simulations of approaching, openers, being the Mayor, banter, etc in a group setting in the seminar room.

▪ I walk you through the process I used to plan and host my most recent Charity event.

▪ Live, in-field footage of me being the mayor, talking to groups and commendeering a restaurant, nightclubs, bars, and my charity event.

▪ Assessments/feedback/coaching of students on approaching, banter, vibe, body language.

▪ Question & answer session, what girls really want and will really do, role-playing, student approach simulations, feedback and coaching from me and a hot woman. What she says will SHOCK you!

What you’ll learn:

▪ How to be the “Mayor” while moving through any room or even while standing still.

▪ How to approach singles, groups and groups that have men in them.

▪ How to Banter with anyone

▪ How to make people do exactly what you tell them to do

▪ How to respond to anything anyone says to you in a confident and carefree way.

▪ What women are really thinking about sex & dating directly from a hot girl.

▪ The proper body language and vibe that will have women falling all over you.

▪ How to get the party started wherever you’re at.

▪ Powerful and sexy mindsets that will make you irresistible to women.

▪ How to throw your first Charity event (the simplicity of this will astound you).

▪ And, Much, Much, More…

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