Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy

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Brendon Burchard's Experts Academy

Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy

Last week I attended Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy in Santa Clara, CA. As I went into this pretty much without expectations because I hadn’t any prior knowledge of the guy beforehand.

If you want to know more and get some free training, you can go to Experts Academy Here.

A lot of the stuff I found about him online prior to the event, was just affiliates pushing his products, so it wasn’t quite unbiased reviews.
The Millionaire Messenger

The only thing that I had before I went, was his book “The Millionaire Messenger” that was given to me by the same guy who invited me to the event (he’s a member of Brendon’s “Empire Group”).

So I read the book and found it “ok”. It’s not on my absolete must read (link) list, but it was not not bad either. Basically his message was that you can live of your expert knowledge. One of the points I resonated most with was the different types of experts.

The Result Expert
The Research Expert
The Role Model

I know many people who wants to know “everything” within an domain before they want to go out and start sharing that knowledge, or perhaps feelt that they have to have generated millions before they can help others have financial success.

In this quest they tend to forget (and I’m certainly prone to this as well) that they already know more than 99% of other people, and the 99% could most certainly benefit from their knowledge. It also was a wake up call to me. I do not have to work only “4 hour workweeks” before I can start teaching people what I know. I already have a life where I work less than 99% of people with a job, so why not go out there in the world and inpsire and grow people? Something that I’m really passionate about.

During the semimar it actually came out that Brendon wrote the book in 13 days, which I guess shows at bit. It’s a short read and probably compiled of knowledge that he had readily on hand because of his many seminars.

It is also clear that the books serve as the low tier product that he uses to pull people into his “product funnel” (or “integrated product suite” as he calls it). Before people hands over the $2000 for a seminar or one of his online products, Brendon needs to establish trust, and he does this by low tier products such as books (his next book is already scheduled to be written).
The Seminar

So I went basically not knowing what this was all about. As I wrote I got the ticket for free because I was invited by an Empire Group member, so I *only* had to pay for plane ticket and hotel.

Because of this it was also difficult to be disappointed in any way as I had absolutely no expectations whatsoever.

All that I’ve concluded from reading the book and talking with my friend who invited me, was that the seminar was about how to establish yourself as an expert and create information products in that expert domain. Something that I resonate well with as I’m currently trying to do with ebooks and membership sites.

At the seminar there was a handout that was pretty much the powerpoint presentation that Brendon used. Although every other line included something that should be filled in. Except for the fact that I really don’t like presentation (powerpoint/keynote) that uses a lot of bullet points, it kind of worked well with the whole “fill in the blanks” of the handout. This kept the audience waiting for the next bullet to be revealed so they could fill it into their handout. It also prevented people from reading ahead in the handout and thereby not listening to what was being presented.

I can see myself using this same handout format in the workshops I give myself.

Brendon of course went into the mindset you should have in order to position yourself as an expert and to create products. He also went into how to create your brand, how to design and structure your content, what kinds of products you can create (online and offline but with a focus on online products).

There was also information on how to actually create the content and this was something I found really interesting, as I guess most of us know all this stuff about a given area, but not quite sure on how to structure it so other people can learn from it.

There was also a strong focus on how to market the products. He also went into details on doing launches and how he has used JV partners (or promotional partners as he calls them). The model he proposes is almost identical to Jeff Walker’s “Product Launch Formular” model. I really liked how he actually went into the actual content of each of free videos leading up to the launch (the model suggests having free content that is released up to the launch).

Another thing he went into was list building. Most people in the IM industry agrees that “the money is in the list”. He shared some interesting statistics about the use of images in the mails he sent out. As many marketers he spends a lot of time split testing different combinations – and he has done a lot with email. It’s also nice seeing one that isn’t just using plain text 50 character wide pure marketing spam email like it seems most people in the IM industry is doing.

On the email subject, they also talked about open rates, and that actually made me consider moving to iContact, as it seems that have rather high open rates compared to the competition (the idea is here that you get more opens because they are better at avoiding the spam folder).

But who knows right? If you’ve tried multiple autoresponder systems and have input on open rates I would love to hear from you.

He also covered a little bit on how to spend your time. The interesting thing here is that basically said that 70% of your time should go with marketing related tasks and only 20% should go with creating the actual product!

Overall I think it was a great seminar. One thing that I didn’t expect was all the awesome people there. I met many inspiring people and Brendod did a great job at facilitating the conversation and networking through group exercises and requesting that we found new people to talk with for each exercise.

You also got time for networking in all the breaks, and I had lunch with different people everyday.

As one curious thing… I actually met another guy there who is named Rasmus and who lives in Denmark. It actually started when a guy talked to me like we’ve just spend a couple of hours chatting and I didn’t knwo what the h… he was talking about (we all had nametags on). So I slowly realized that there were another “Rasmus” at the event, so in a break I scouted through the crowd for another good looking tall guy (I mean, he must look like me right?! :)). Cool to find another Dane at the event.
Fantastic Surprise Guest Speakers

Apparently Brendon got a lot of cool friends, and he pursuaded a few to pop by and talk to the crowd. So the following list of people stopped by.

Debbie Ford (author to more books than I can count :))
Frank Kern (the most laid back guy in IM – he gave some solid content while saying “fuck” every 30 seconds… he was in short… awesome)
Scott Hoffman (Brendon’s agent – on book deals)
Rick Frishman (publicist – also on book deals)
David Hancock (also in the publishing biz like the other two)
Bo Eason (former NFL player – now actor, writer etc. Did his entire Broadway show on stage!)
David Bach (author of 9 NY Times bestsellers)

I might have forgotten one as there was a lot of guest speakers, so if you was at the seminar and remember anyone I’ve forgotten please let me know.

The seminar lasted for four days (the two first of them was very long and not many breaks) and I think it was awesome. If nothing else – I came home super inspired really wanting to take action, and you cannot put a price on that 🙂

Brendon is a fantastic speaker and I took a lot of notes only on how he worked the stage.

The “Expert’s Academy” seminars seem to evolve, as some had also attended previous “Expert’s Academy” seminars and could confirm that there was a lot of new stuff, so it seems like Brendon is putting effort into making each event better than the last.
Were You At The Event?

If you were at Expert’s Academy I would love to hear what you thought of it and if you found it as fantastic as I did 🙂

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