Breaking into Wall Street – New Investment Banking Interview Guide 3.0

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Breaking into Wall Street – New Investment Banking Interview Guide 3.0

Breaking into Wall Street – New Investment Banking Interview Guide 3.0

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Highlights of the New Investment Banking Interview Guide 3.0 include:

–    The Quick Start Guide and Interview Action Plan reveal exactly what to expect in interviews, how to discuss your past work experience, the 4 Most Important “Fit” Question Categories to know, and how to understand the concepts behind the technical questions like a pro – even if you have less than 1 day to prepare.
–    Gain Conceptual Mastery – with 103+ pages of reference notes and rules of thumb on the key “fit” and technical topics – so you don’t have to memorize robotic responses that interviewers can smell from a mile away.
–    Pitch Yourself Like a Pro with one of 15 step-by-step templates + video tutorials, covering the most common backgrounds at the undergraduate, recent graduate, and MBA levels – and beyond.

–    12 Interactive Quizzes on all the technical topics – including 326 questions and answers, with full analysis of all the questions and explanations of why answers were correct or incorrect.
–    5 Sample Interviews + 2 Sample “Deal Discussions” to help you climb inside the heads of interviewers. Includes a play-by-play critique of what each candidate did right and wrong, and how you can avoid their mistakes.

–    Master All The “Fit” Questions they could throw at you – with a detailed breakdown of the 15 categories of “fit” questions… preparation guidelines… and response structures. There are 127+ questions with model answers. 137 pages of detailed guidance in all!
–    Crush Your Technical Questions – with 5 “Key Rules of Thumb” in each of the 6 main technical categories: Accounting, Equity Value / Enterprise Value, Valuation, DCF, Merger Models, and LBO Models… plus 111+ pages of instruction, reference diagrams and Excel screen shots. Use these to answer any interview question, calmly and confidently.

–    Extension Material: “Deep Dive” Into Key Industries with 254 questions and answers across real estate and REITs, banks and insurance firms, and oil, gas & mining. You’ll pick up knowledge most bankers wouldn’t expect you to know until you’ve “been in the industry for a few years.”
–    UNLIMITED Support From Experienced Bankers who’ll provide quick answers to your questions, comments, and emails and give you the kind of input that has long been only available only to the few interviewees with ‘connections.’

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