Bob Serling – The Marketing Ladder Blueprint

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Bob Serling - The Marketing Ladder Blueprint

Bob Serling – The Marketing Ladder Blueprint

How to put an end to marketing chaos… generate a small but highly responsive list of paying customers only… and consistently grow your profits and your business by actually doing much less marketing.

6 Steps for creating your Marketing Ladder System
to build a small but highly responsive list of actual buyers
– and make continuing, repeat sales to them

Fortunately, eliminating your ineffective, damaging Marketing Funnel and replacing it with a high-performing Marketing Ladder is reasonably easy.

Once you do this, instead of 98% of your list being made up of freebie grabbing prospects and just 2% being customers, we’ll reverse those numbers almost completely. By implementing The Marketing Ladder, your list will be much smaller, but it will consist of 90% paying customers and just 10% prospects who have accepted something for free in exchange for opting into your list. And all it takes to do this are two things:

Understanding how to create a Marketing Ladder System and fully capitalize on it
Committing to implementing it

I can clearly show and guide you through the reasonably simple steps of building your Marketing Ladder System. What you’ll need to bring to the table is the commitment to carry out the implementation. With this in mind, let’s take a tour of the 6 steps for creating your Marketing Ladder System.
MLB Step 1: Create an extremely compelling “bait piece”

The core principle that drives the Marketing Ladder is just the opposite of the traditional marketing funnel. Instead of building a massive list of tire kickers (at a tremendous cost of time and money), you build a much smaller list that’s primarily paying customers.

However, similar to the old marketing funnel method, in order to attract prospects’ attention, you must entice them to opt-in to your list by creating an extremely compelling “bait piece” to be given away for free. What? Didn’t I just build a case for not giving things away for free – and charging for them instead?


But while the goal is to deal only with customers who have bought something from you, because of the current state of the market, you still have to give something away for free in order to reach this goal.

Ideally, I’d like to be able to start with each prospect buying something instead of getting something for free. But I’m not foolish enough to make this such a steep uphill climb that it ends up failing. So because people are so conditioned to join your list by getting something for free, that will still be your starting point.

However, the sources you use to drive traffic and add people to your list are extremely different, which is exactly what you do in the next step.
MLB Step 2: Find only those prospects who are highly likely to make
a small purchase immediately and offer your bait piece to them

In this Step, things begin to get radically different – and radically better. You’re still going to use your bait piece as the primary way of attracting prospects to opt-in to your list. And you’re still going to offer it for free.

But the critical difference is that you apply much more careful and effective targeting to do the best job possible of identifying only those prospects who are highly likely to make a small purchase immediately. These are the only people who you’ll offer your free bait piece to.

This is achieved by eliminating all of the wasteful media and marketing tactics you’re currently using and replacing them with just three prospecting sources:

Rented email lists consisting only of buyers (magazine subscribers, association members and buyers of products or services similar to yours)
Stand-alone emails to other businesses’ lists – preferably their buyers only
List swaps (having another list owner promote your bait piece to their list in exchange for you promoting theirs)

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