Bob Jenkins – Sales Funnels Rebuilt

Bob Jenkins - Sales Funnels Rebuilt

Bob Jenkins – Sales Funnels Rebuilt

The Problem with Funnels: Most Are Too Complex To Really Work.

It’s true: Every successful business (large and small) relies on marketing campaigns and sales funnels to generate leads and sales. Most sources of funnel marketing education tell you how to build funnels that are far too complex or vague to really work for the everyday entrepreneur or small business marketing team. It’s time to fix that.
In our new course, we’re breaking through all the haze and showing you the proven sales funnels that are working for our 40,000+ LeadPages® customers, and breaking it down into simple steps you can implement into your next profitable marketing campaign. Plus, you get private coaching included to make sure you truly “get it.”
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    Too Vague?

    Somehow you’re supposed to follow these five steps that lead to…. where?
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    Too Overwhelming?

    What are you supposed to do with all the moving pieces without clear directions?
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    Simple Goal, But…

    Somehow you send traffic to a page
    and then earn revenue… but the steps aren’t spelled out very clearly.
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    Time to End All That.
    We’re Showing You How.

    In Sales Funnels Rebuilt, we’re showing you how to build funnels that actually work based on the proven data from our LeadPages customers.

Introducing a New Way to Create Campaigns to Transform Your Business.

We’ll Show You How to Build Any New Campaign in
Sales Funnels Rebuilt. Every Step is Covered:

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    Your Landing Pages

    You can’t build a sales funnel without landing pages. We’ll show you exactly which proven landing pages you should be using for your marketing campaigns and why.
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    Your Lead Magnets

    What should you give away to grow your list? To lead to a sale? We’ll show you which lead magnets (or “opt-in bribes”) attract customers and build the most successful funnels.
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    Your Thank You Pages

    There are very specific  thank you pages that can turn your hottest leads into your next best customers. We’ll show you how to use them to boost your sales (and to get more traffic).

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    Your Sales Pages

    What kinds of sales pages actually drive sales? We’ll show you and exactly where to add them in your funnel to get the
    most revenue (most are missing a key step).

Micro Funnels

In Sales Funnels Rebuilt, we’ll introduce you to a 100% new way of building sales funnels that’s easy to implement. The secret to their success is the “micro funnel.”
We’ll show you how to use the two types of micro funnels as the buliding blocks for any marketing campaign or funnel you create from now on. And explain it all in plain English!
“We’re here to make it easier for you to get repeatable results with your marketing campaigns using micro funnels. Plus, I’ll personally coach you to ensure your roadmap to success is clear!”
Bob Jenkins, Manager of Marketing Education
 at LeadPages® & Creator of Sales Funnels Rebuilt

What You Can Expect In
Sales Funnels Rebuilt:

13 Modules and Private Coaching Included!
You get all the videos, transcripts, audios, worksheets, bonus trainings, campaign worksheets, plus a Next Level Coaching Session with LeadPages’ Master Coach…
All to Help You Get More Leads and Generate More Sales!

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    You’ll hear the four building blocks you need to easily create any sales funnel. (Hint: Focus on these 4 parts and you’ll be successful. Ignore them and you’ll likely struggle.)
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    You’ll get a step-by-step guide to creating lead generation campaigns that constantly bring in new, highly qualified leads (no matter your product or service).
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    You’ll see how to create and deliver the right types of lead magnets that turn your leads into your next customers (and raving fans).
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    You’ll discover what a “thanks and” page is, and why these “extra thank you” pages are easily the most overlooked pages in any sales funnel.
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    You’ll hear why email is the golden thread that holds all your sales funnels and marketing campaigns together—and which emails you should be sending to get the best, long-term scalable results.
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    You’ll hear how to build the kind of proven sales funnel that’s designed to drive sales from the initial opt-in all the way to your pricing page.

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