Bob Jenkins – 30 Day Autoresponder Challenge

Bob Jenkins - 30 Day Autoresponder Challenge

Tutorial: Bob Jenkins – 30 Day Autoresponder Challenge
Author: Bob Jenkins
Size: 1GB

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30 Day Autoresponder Challenge
Attention Visual Learners And Techno-Phobes!
“Look Over My Shoulder And SEE Exactly What I’m Doing,
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From: Bob Jenkins, Your Autoresponder Teacher
RE: Your accelerated success with email marketing

Now I’d like to give you a special offer on the complete 30 Day Autoresponder Challenge Video Series, so you can look over my shoulder and learn the technical and strategic steps I took in an easy to view format.

I’ll tell you more about the videos in a moment. But first, let me show you proof that this challenge is worth your time and energy regardless of whether you use the text version, or the videos.
Take A Look At The Results
I Got From The Steps I Took
When I started this list on Day 1 of the Autoresponder Challenge, I was at 0. I definitely had existing traffic from search engines and various websites. However, I wanted to focus that at a new squeeze page and show you what I would do from the beginning.







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