Bob Bly – Copywriters Toolkit

Bob Bly - Copywriters Toolkit

Bob Bly - Copywriters Toolkit

Bob Bly – Copywriters Toolkit


Almost all small businesses use a variety of forms, letters, boilerplate documents, and checklists to manage their marketing, sales, accounts payable, accounts receivable, client relations, business planning, bookkeeping, and other business functions.

For many businesses, such as rental property owners, you can buy forms customized for that industry. A landlord kit, for instance, might have rental agreements, model leases, eviction notices, and so on.

Now, in The Copywriter’s Toolkit, you get all the forms, checklists, model letters, contracts, and other documents you need to start and run your freelance copywriting business.

I did not develop these forms in a hurried afternoon just to make money selling them to you as an e-book. I created them as I needed them during my 25 years as a full-time freelance copywriter – and used them in a freelance copywriting business that has grossed, so far, many millions of dollars in revenues.

Copywriters ask me to share these proven business tools with them almost every single day!

Rarely does a day go by when I don’t get at least one e-mail or phone call from a copywriter who wants to see the forms, outlines, and other documents I routinely use in my copywriting business.

Now, in The Copywriter’s Toolkit, you get a complete collection of every form and standard document I’ve used to earn millions of dollars in freelance copywriting fees over the past quarter of a century!


  • Marketing communications audit – simple questionnaire that helps potential clients communicate their marketing needs when they can’t articulate exactly what they want on their own. Page 42.
  • Copywriting fee schedule – shows you what I charge for 27 different copywriting projects including ads… sales letters… direct mail packages… white papers… and more. Page 6.
  • Dear Marketing Professional lead-generating letter – one of the sales letters I used to launch my freelance copywriting business… generated a 10% response whenever I mailed it. Page 21.
  • Standard copywriting agreement – the project confirmation I send to all clients. They must approve and return it with my retainer before I start work on their copywriting projects. Page 33.
  • Testimonial letter – form letters to solicit testimonials from satisfied clients as well as obtain permission to use unsolicited testimonials. Page 103.
  • Online copywriting fee schedule – detailed descriptions of more than two dozen online copywriting assignments and the fees I charge for each. Page 37.
  • Kill fee schedule – given to clients to let them know what they owe you should they cancel a project once it’s started. Page 47.
  • Copywriting information kit – the fulfillment package I send to potential clients interested in my copywriting services… has helped generate millions of dollars in copywriting assignments. Page 63.
  • How to prepare for a copywriting assignment – a handy checklist of the background information the client should give you – and the questions you should ask – before you start writing their copy. Page 58.
  • To-do lists – the 3 types of to-do lists every copywriter should keep… and what should be on each. Page 68.
  • Copywriting manuscript format – shows the format in which I submit copy to my clients. Page 111.
  • Sample e-zine – one of the most effective ways to market yourself as a copywriter online is by writing and publishing a free e-newsletter… here’s the winning format I’ve used to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in service and product sales for over half a decade. Page 25.
  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements – ensures the client that you keep his business activities and data confidential. Page 18.
  • Telephone scripts – scripts for making cold calls to potential clients as well as follow-up calls to sales leads. Page 94.
  • Copy platform memo – shows how to propose your idea for the ad or mailing to the client for his approval before you actually write it. Page 83.
  • Invoices and collection letters – to improve your collections and cash flow. Page 99.
  • Copywriter’s roughs – pre-drawn layouts for direct mail packages, brochures, print ads, inserts, vouchers, and other copywriting projects… eliminates the need for you to draw and redraw pencil layouts by hand. Starts on page 115.
  • Niche market sales letters – sales letters that generate inquiries for copywriting service from specialized niche markets including software and publishing. Page 14.
  • Query letters – how to convince the editors at important marketing publications your clients read to let you write articles for them… and maybe even pay you for the privilege. Page 98.
  • Sales lead tracking form – keep track of leads, prospects, and the status of potential jobs without costly computer software with this simple form. Page 102.
  • Copy critiques – simple format I use when writing copy critiques. Page 106.
  • And many more…

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