Blue Collar Continuity by Travis Sago

Blue Collar Continuity by Travis Sago

Blue Collar Continuity by Travis Sago

Blue Collar Continuity by Travis Sago

Howdy! I’m Travis Sago!

I’m a pretty simple dude. I live a simple life in Russellville, Arkansas. I run a simple 7 figure business from my upstairs office. Most of my internet friends can’t quite figure out how I do it because almost everything I do is so darn simple it almost seems like it shouldn’t work.

I call this the “Blue Collar Way”…

Have you heard the saying: “Necessity is the mother of all invention?”

Well, in short, I invented the “Blue Collar Way” BECAUSE not long ago my man parts were being jack hammered by a sadistic troll of a boss…

I started my business while I was working as a computer repair guy. I put in 60 to 70 hours a week and if I were EVER to break free from the Boss-hole and make my business work I just didn’t have time for fancy, complex and hi-tech. You know what I mean?

AND…more importantly…

When I worked on my business during “family time” the work I did had better pass the WIFE TEST?

Do you know what the WIFE TEST is?Happy Wife


I knew for damn sure…

I couldn’t sit for hours at my e-Machines computer while she was busy folding laundry, taking care of our son (Eric) and holding down the fort WITHOUT showing her THE MONEY…regularly.

No! That situation would spoil faster than a pork sandwich at a Jewish wedding.


Please forgive me if I’m being dirt simple here…(I warned ya I wasn’t a fancy pants.)

But… if I wanted to break free from the Boss-hole…. I needed to SELL STUFF!

BIG TIP: And…if I’d learned ANYTHING about sales…it was the more people you saw…and the more offers you made…the MORE you sold.

So I figured out a DIRT SIMPLE way to make a LOT of offers!

And just like clockwork…

The more offers I made…the more my mailman, Mick, dropped off checks at my house…

I got weird looking checks too…like this one from a company in the UK

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