Big League CineSummit IV 2015

Big League CineSummit IV 2015

Big League CineSummit IV 2015

Big League CineSummit IV 2015


Our hand-picked team of 9 world-class cinematographers reveal how you can
create superior looking films, instantly set yourself apart from the competition,
and amaze your fellow filmmakers.

As filmmaking continues to explode in both entertainment and education (plus the cost
of professional equipment is coming down) the industry is becoming
more and more competitive. You can no longer “rest on your laurels”… the key is
watching what the master filmmakers and cinematographers are doing.

And that’s exactly why we created the CineSummit, which has quickly become the
world’s LARGEST online event for Filmmakers and Cinematographers with
over 50,000 attendees at CS4!

1. How to get the absolute best results with ANY crew.
(and having other departments making you look like a super star)

2. Which is the best “training drone” every cinematographer should own.
(and it’s less than $100)

3. The 3 keys to getting shots like top cinematographers.
(getting a “pretty” shot is no longer good enough)

4. How to MacGyver any inexpensive gear and STILL create high-end images.

5. Moody? Yes, you’ll see how to create that “cinematic” look with LED lights.

6. The biggest challenges with Drone cinematography and how to solve them.


7. Become the go-to filmmaker in this brand new technology.
(there’s a very small window of opportunity)

8. The secret to creating depth in all your shots.
(it’s NOT what you think and it’s different for each focal length!)

9. The secret to getting powerful sweeping shots with one inexpensive drone.
(without any extra technology or remotes)

10. The one simple “trick” to create amazing authentic skin-colors with inexpensive LED lights.
(say goodbye to LED green or magenta spikes forever!)

11. The simple system that lets you know exactly what your Client or Director wants you to shoot.
(eliminate the guess work and keep them happy!)

12. Say goodbye to overshooting! Know exactly what material you need every time you step on a shoot.
(No more stress or wasted hours)

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