Bestseller Summit Online 2017

Bestseller Summit Online 2017

 Bestseller Summit Online 2017

Bestseller Summit Online 2017

25+ Best-Selling Authors and Book Marketing Experts Reveal Their Secrets to Create and Launch a Best-Selling Book that Amplifies Your Business & Brand

Bestseller Summit Online is The #1 Resource for Authors and Entrepreneurs to Create, Launch & Monetize Your Best-Selling Book, Even If You’re Starting From a Blank Page

Throughout the last half a decade, I have been honored to become a best-selling author on two continents, publish dozens of inspiring authors and learn from some of the best in the biz.

These experiences shaped my approach to creating and launching books, and now I am excited to help YOU become a #1 best-selling author and build a thriving business and brand!

Each of the authors and book marketing experts on Bestseller Summit Online would normally charge $100’s of dollars per hour, or $1,000s of dollars per month to consult with you. I say that just to underscore the value of what you will receive from learning from these experts and being able to reference back to them at the exact right time for you.

If you are ready to finally get that book out of your head and into the world, then you are in the right place to learn step-by-step actionable advice from a variety of perspectives with your VIP All Access Pass.

Let me help you navigate the book business and share dozens of hours of training with you to skyrocket your success and avoid costly learning by “trial and error”.

What If I Can’t Make It To All The Summit Sessions?

Look, I get it. You’ve got a million things on your plate.

Don’t let watching the summit presentations be one more thing you wish you got to, that you know can move the needle for you.

Instead, here is your opportunity to have a treasure trove of advice you can use at the exact right time for where you’re at in your author journey.

With the Bestseller Summit Online All Access Pass, you can rest assured that you’re supported every step of the way; from creating a book you love that can stand the test of time, to launching it all the way to #1 and leveraging it to build your business and brand.

In addition, you’ll get to meet and connect with like-minded authors and entrepreneurs in our exclusive mastermind community.

Get lifetime access to these valuable training sessions and know you’ll never miss a moment with your All Access Pass.

Watch The Summit Sessions, Expert Panels and Advanced Training Sessions at Your Convenience and Join The Exclusive Bestseller Summit Community For Just $297 $197

Get the training and support you need, at the exact right time for you.

Don’t worry about cramming your schedule during the summit to see all the presentations and getting stressed out or disappointed.

With your Bestseller Summit Online All Access Pass, you have decades worth of expert experience at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere – for life!

Plus, you will get access to some game-changing bonuses! (more about that below…)

Watch All The Interviews At Your Convenience And Join The Exclusive Bestseller Summit Community For Just $197

Look, I get it, you are busy.

Don’t worry about missing any of the interviews and exclusive trainings, with lifetime access to all the valuable trainings.

With your All-Access Pass, you can watch the trainings whenever you want, and reference back to them when it is the best time for you.

Plus, you will get some amazing bonuses I’ve put together for you!

Why You Should Get Your All-Access Pass…

When you purchase your All-Access Pass to Bestseller Summit Online you are locking-in lifetime access to 25+ exclusive interviews with the top best-selling authors and book marketers in the game today.

If you added up the value of all the presenters time and consider what they charge to teach their best strategies, you’d easily be looking at paying thousands of dollars.

But I’m not going to ask you to pay anywhere close to that, and not to mention I’ve brought them all together in one place for you to learn from, reference back to over time and even connect with 1-to-1.

In these 25+ interviews here is just a taste of what you’ll learn:

How to become a New York Times best-selling author and get invited to speak on stages across the country

How to launch your book and generate 6-figures of income from book sales and back-end offers that complement your book.

How to build an online training course that expands on your book and turns your readers into customers and clients.

How to become the #1 best-selling book on ALL of Amazon and sell thousands of copies of your book to readers around the world.

…and much much more

That is just a small taste of exactly what you will learn and have lifetime access to with your All-Access Pass to Bestseller Summit Online.

But that’s not all I have put together for you!

You will also get access to an exclusive author community that I have curated over the past couple of years that includes ALL the authors I have published at Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press as well as hundreds of other marketing experts and passionate entrepreneurs.

The Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press Authors Community is THE secret weapon behind our nearly unbroken string of best-seller book launches and you will be welcomed and supported in this community like few others I’ve seen online.


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