Ben Feldman – MDRT Sales Masters

Ben Feldman
Ben Feldman

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When you consider Ben’s accomplishments he is clearly one of the best THE BEST SALESMAN to ever walk the planet.

$5,000,000,000 worth of insurance over a career
$30,000,000 a year average over a 50 year period
Even more impressive is…this was during the 50’s and 60’s!!!
A time when 1 million a year was a big thing and
10 million a year was considered a pipe dream
No one in the history of life insurance salesmanship has come close to him
Alone he has put more life insurance on the books than have some two-thirds of the life insurance companies in America Combined!
And he did it all working out of a little town on the Ohio River: East Liverpool, with a population of 20,000-about the same figure it boasted 50 years ago!
Persuasion experts like Brian Tracy,Richard Bandler and Donald Moine among many others have praised the master sales skills of Ben Feldman
But from everything that I have seen, the NLP guys completely “missed the boat”.
One can only suspect why they left out a lot of…THE DETAILS when it comes to modeling Feldman.
Anyway…if you ever wondered what Milton Erickson would look like and sound like if he were a super salesman…Here is a rare opportunity to see Ben giving a live presentation hypnotically or not.
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