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This course is designed for serious entrepreneurs that have pride in their business, and want a website to rank for the long term. The main course follows 10 module + 3 Bonus modules and 6 Coaching videos where Brian examines a number of websites.Introduction – Brian simplifies the processes of how search engines work and the need for SEO.

Name Product: Be on Page 1 of Google
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Then he introduces you to WordPress as the premier SEO solution. And finally, he shows you how to register a domain name and set up hosting.Keyword Research – In this lesson, Brian will show you his process for developing a targeted and profitable keyword list for your site. He also reveals the free tools he uses to develop keyword lists for his clients.Setting Up a WordPress Site – By the end of this session, you will know how to install WordPress, find, install and activate a theme for your site.Plugins – Brian covers the most powerful feature of WordPress…the plugins. Throughout this lesso, he unveils his secret plugin combinations and settings for unmatched SEO success.Managing WordPress – WordPress has a very user-friendly interface, but it could still take hours and hours to learn what you need to know. Brian covers everything you need to know, and skips the unimportant stuff.Optimizing Your Content and Site Structure – Brian takes you by the hand, and walks you through some very advanced SEO strategies that will push your site to page 1 of Google.Link Building Strategies – Inbound links are critical for your site to have a high ranking in Google. In the first of the two link building lessons, Brian covers basic link building strategies that you can start implementing right away.Cool Link Building Strategies – Part II of the link building lesson, covers some lesser used…but very cool strategies to get very valuable sites linking to you.Paid Advertising – Brian covers Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Banner Ads and Offline advertising, and why these can benefit your overall SEO campaign.Tracking Results – This lesson begins with finding and tracking hot topics in your niche that you can use for content. Then Brian digs into Google

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[url=]Part 1[/url] [url=]Part 2[/url] [url=]Part 3[/url] [url=]Part 4[/url] [url=]Part 5[/url] [url=]Part 6[/url] [url=]Part 7[/url]

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