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Authority Copyblogger

Authority Copyblogger

It really is more than just a blogging training program as you will see. As a matter of fact, if you are an intermediate or even expert, Copyblogger Authority could be the perfect place for your ongoing educational needs.

I am the owner of a highly successful “internet marketing” system, but even those who are successful cannot continue to be without ongoing education, and this piece is why I chose Authority as that continued training system.

Without the hype, without the voice of self-promoting gurus, this particular system carried a sense of not only professionalism, but the authority and trust it demanded. Here is my simple review.

A Community For Content Publishers?

No, this system is not in contradiction to my own, so there. This training program covers a lot of information on a particularly complicated subject, content marketing.

I will say this, if you are a beginner, and I mean this is the first time you have ever been to the “online marketing” world, you may need to learn first how to do a few things like set up a website and social platforms.

This system, I believe, is for the intermediate and expert who knows a thing or two.

On with the review.

I love Copyblogger. Quiet a few years ago, I was introduced to them through an unexpected source, Studiopress. Just when I wanted and found the coolest looking themes for WordPress, Brian Gardner through me a curve, and I sent it sailing to the fence.

I started reading articles at first on their blog here. That day I spent at least 2-3 hours immersed in the content, learning from those who know a thing or two about being successful online.

After about two years, I figured out another key to success online, well, how to build on the success and I broke down.

I, like you, do not know everything, and being in the game we are online, we needed to stay ahead of “said” game. We need an ongoing training system to help us stay ahead of the learning curve and always be bettering our brand and it’s message online.

So, I bought it. I bought a yearly subscription to the Copyblogger Authority training system. And I will never let it go until Brian Clark or Sonia Simone retire.

Even then I might still keep it… I mean think about it, Demian, Brian Gardner and the others who are not only contributors but highly successful, well, I guess I would keep it still.

So now that I am done slobbering on them and myself, let’s look at the system and why I bought it.

The Authority Training System

Authority and trust, it’s the one thing most gurus claim to have, but fall extremely short of teaching. This is why content marketing is a must to learn and, somewhat of a complicated matter to apply.

When looking for more training, I wanted to get away from the hype and craziness of the Kern, the Filsaime and the likes, I wanted no up sells that meant nothing, I wanted to learn how things really worked online.

Here we get the facts. From private webinars with the likes of Demian Farnsworth to Derek Halpern and on to Brian Gardner, there is no stone unturned when it comes to getting the advanced knowledge from the experts on building, branding and managing a solid presence online.

Here are a few of the main categories covered within this remarkable system:

Content Marketing
SEO Copywriting
Email Marketing
Keyword Research
Landing Pages
Internet Marketing

Not too mention, go here and get the free 15 high-impact ebooks, They are well worth it!

Building a content marketing base presence online is and was well worth it. Unlike some of the things in the past I have been a part of or, partnered with, nothing was more lasting than building something for the long haul here.

It is amazing to see those whom I have known come and go. From one opportunity, program or system to another, the guru helped for a time, a very short time unfortunately. This is why I chose the Authority system over all the others, I wanted time.

I wanted the time to build a brand, time to build content the right way to back that brand. And, in the end, it not only did that, but it helped me to build an actual system that has helped thousands over…TIME as well.

The Copyblogger Authority training system gave me all of this, a place to learn more about content marketing, branding and managing my presence online, not just blogging.

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