Appthemes Latest Coupon Theme Clipper 1.6

Appthemes Latest Coupon Theme Clipper 1.6

Appthemes Latest Coupon Theme Clipper 1.6

Appthemes Latest Coupon Theme Clipper 1.6


Advanced Link Cloaking and Tracking

Affiliate links are unsightly and can deter your visitors from clicking them. Fortunately, Clipper automatically hides your coupon and store affiliate links. Not only that, Clipper tracks key metrics like page views, clicks, and click thru rates (CTRs).

[Image: clipper-link-cloak-stats-1024x675.jpg]

Dedicated Store and Category Pages

Clipper includes two additional page templates which automatically update and display your entire list of stores and categories. It’s a great way to allow your visitors to browse. It also helps Google easily index your content.

[Image: clipper-store-category-pages.jpg]

Custom Email Templates

Take total control of your customer communication by composing your own custom email templates.

[Image: clipper-custom-email-1024x745.jpg]

Monetize Your Coupon Site

Clipper now includes our popular payment system so in addition to making income on affiliate referrals, you can charge visitors to list coupons on your site. PayPal and bank transfer modules are included. Additional payment plugins are available in our Marketplace.

[Image: clipper-payments-settings-1024x591.png]


1.6 – 4/29/2015

– Fixed: Comments feed for single coupon page
– Fixed: Issue where files was uploaded even if failed checks
– Fixed: Entities in store name returned via ajax store suggest
– Fixed: Deprecated notice about like_escape() in ajax store suggest
– Fixed: Issue with sending out emails when in the ‘From’ field a Yahoo or AOL email address is used
– Fixed: Issue with not displaying errors in user edit profile page
– Fixed: No edit coupon link in email when coupon created by guest
– Fixed: Locking site when backend access option is set to disable
– Fixed: RSS social icon does not work
– Fixed: PDF is uploaded even if it is not allowed
– Fixed: The ampersand “and” will show as “&” in the autosuggest
– Fixed: “Email Coupon to A Friend” not a live link
– Fixed: Correct errors returned by W3C Validator
– Fixed: Click counter does not increment on Print Coupon button
– Fixed: Structure Data Hentry Markup Errors
– Fixed: Register link in header when registration disabled
– Fixed: Update legacy orders information
– Fixed: When coupon removed from wp-admin, related items not being removed
– Fixed: Misc minor fixes/improvements
– Fixed: SEO Footer link
– Fixed: Admin font size bug
– Fixed: Potential XSS Vulnerability


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