AppSumo got 500,000 customers in 18 months

AppSumo got 500,000 customers in 18 months

AppSumo got 500,000 customers in 18 months

Name Product: AppSumo got 500,000 customers in 18 months.

COST: $69
Author: AppSumo
Size: 412 MB


This fat-ass Sumo wants to BRAG:
AppSumo got 500,000 customers in 18 months.

I also eat 500,000 calories in 18 minutes… but that’s not as interesting to you.

What you SHOULD be interested in is HOW we got 500,000 people to signup for, and HOW we get those people to buy stuff repeatedly.

Normally this is confidential info we keep inside the walls of AppSumo HQ… but in this video series we “open the kimono” on and explain how we grew the HELL out of our customer base so quickly.

These videos show two smart-ass Sumos openly talking about how grew so quickly. They spill all the secrets:

Specific tactics that were used (like using free deals to draw people in).
How we hustled-up free advertising in the beginning.
Why we use Facebook ads… and why Google Adwords has completely failed us so far.
The reason why we DID NOT A/B split test when first growing (contrary to most advice).
How we use social media 10x better than most social media dorks.
Non-traditional advertising and promotions that worked hella well.

In these videos, you get to learn from AppSumo founder Noah Kagan (#30 at Facebook, #3 at Mint, Founder of Gambit, and a former international sex-symbol).

You also get to learn from AppSumo advisor Andrew Chen. He’s an advisor and angel investor in a hell-uv-a-lot of companies, and an all-around smart guy (you know… cause he’s Asian).

This “How AppSumo Grew” video series is divided up into 3 sections.
Here’s what you will learn:

SECTION 1: “The Hustle Stage”– Going from 0 to 1,000 Sumo-lings. Hustling up free advertising. Bribing people with free breakfast. Getting people to sign up for AppSumo (the ghetto way). Getting a guy in Pakistan to build AppSumo for $60.
SECTION 2: “The Puberty Stage”– Going from 1,000 to 50,000 Sumo-lings. Getting people to sign up by giving ‘em free stuff. Doing guest posts on blogs (some worked, some totally failed). How we advertised differently than everyone else.
SECTION 3: “NOM NOM NOM TIME STAGE!”– Going from 50,000 to 500,000 Sumo-lings that pay money. Learning cohort analysis (betcha never heard of that). How Chief Sumo sleeps with 10 models on a pile of cash every night. A/B Testing the RIGHT things… and not wasting time testing dumb crap. Taking your own biz to Sumo-level.

By now I can already tell you’re drooling on your shoulder, waiting to watch these videos (which are all in high-def so you can see every mustache-hair clearly).

Well here’s all you have to do to watch these AppSumo Growth videos:

Click the “Buy now” button and grab the deal.
You will get an email with a members area login and custom username/password.
Login, start watching the videos, and start learning from our example.

This Sumo suggests you grab a drink, heat up 17 microwave dinners, cozy up to your computer, and take notes for maximum learning.

While this deal is so damn cheap TODAY, it won’t be long before the price jacks up. So start learning how we fat Sumos grew from 0 to 500,000 customers NOW!

The Chief “Spilling-all-our-secrets-is-probably-a-bad-idea” Sumo
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