Anthony Robbins-Trainer’s Academy

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Anthony Robbins-Trainer's Academy

Anthony Robbins-Trainer’s Academy

Robbins : Early in 1983, Robbins discovered  NLP and became a student of NLP co-developer John Grinder.

At the time, NLP was a new technology promising to help people make instant transformations.

The idea captivated Robbins who had read over 600 books on self help, psychology and change. Yet, up to this point, he had not found a single process for making change happen quickly.

Robbins learned the basics of NLP and then took to the road. He went on what can only be described as a media blitz.

He appeared on radio and television stations all across Canada. He then took his �show� to the U.S.

Robbins had learned and ingrained the most basic of NLP principles: modeling.

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