AmazoX Program

AmazoX Program

AmazoX Program

AmazoX Program


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Stop Importing From Alibaba, Stop Arbitraging On Amazon And Learn How A $400k A Month Amazon Master Crushes It WITHOUT Ever Having To Buy Stock, Take Risks And Arbitrage!

Never Before Shared Amazon System Creates MASSIVE Windfalls Of Sales And Profits Without Ever Having To Import From China Or Take Massive Financial Risks!

Dear Entrepreneur,

We all know that Amazon is HUGE right now.

There are literally thousands of regular folk just you, making an absolute killing from home, by selling products on Amazon.

It’s an Amazing Lifestyle! Imagine…

Selling products from your home with no need to take care of annoying clients (leave that to Amazon)
Being able to make money without leaving your home EVER
Getting in front of hundreds of millions of ready to buy clients!

The bottom line is Amazon is a GOLDMINE!
Yet Almost Everyone FAILS With Amazon for 3 Major Reasons

Almost every single Amazon course out there demands you invest at least $3,000 in inventory to even test out your initial Amazon product you want to sell (who wants to take a gamble on $3000?)
Even if you are successful (unlikely using the old system), you then need to reinvest your success back into your business. The result, you aren’t likely to see any money in your pocket for 6 months plus! (Sound appealing?)

Worst if all, it’s all HIT AND MISS

Bottom line, you;d be more likely to score a home run in a casino in Vegas then following these antiquated strategies!
But, what if there was a way to do Amazon without spending a single dime and without having to take a single gamble?…
Welcome to AmazoX, the First “No Risk” Amazon System That Works Like Clock Work!

Never Before Shared Amazon System Creates MASSIVE Windfalls Of Sales And Profits Without Ever Having To Import From China Or Take Massive Financial Risks!

Learn how to find thousands of products sitting in FBA right now that you can sell and profit from with $0 Risk
Learn how anyone can start with $0 money and grow a huge Amazon business within 30 days
Learn how anyone can start from scratch and have a page 1 product in under 30 days flat
Learn how you can “Team Up” and profit from other peoples work on Amazon
Learn how underperforming Amazon products can become massive RECURRING monthly revenue streams
Learn how to go from 0 sales to 1000’s of sales quickly with no Amazon PPC or crazy Google and Facebook ads
Learn the secrets to launching any Amazon product and exploding sales while gaining quick rankings the simple way


Amazon has announced delivering products by Drones… and believe it or not, you could be an Amazon PrimeAir Millionaire by positioning yourself in front of this inevitable technology shift. Forget China, Forget Investing in Inventory, and Forget taking big risks… you can reach up to 400K in monthly Amazon revenue (or more) in a few short months. A new, never-before revealed strategy opens the door to big Amazon paydays – and best of all, the revenue potential is recurring and unlimited. This video session reveals the core concept and sets the stage for step-by-step “how-to” in the following sessions.

Video #2 – OK WITH 400K?

The 4 top sources for zero-cost Amazon inventory are revealed in this compelling video session. And surprise, surprise… YOU can follow 6 simple steps to tap these sources. Learn how you can reap 25% of the profits with absolutely zero capital investment. See sample case studies totaling almost 400K monthly and learn how some (perhaps YOU) will blow past this number within the very first year.


Theory only goes so far. So in this video session we walk through an actual example. We find a product category with the potential to sell $79,740 a month on Amazon. It’s not beauty, it’s not tech, it’s not some highly competitive category. Next step… we find a product source that won’t cost us a penny. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen before… we reveal how you can put the puzzle pieces together and grab your share of the profits.


People have paid $4,000, $5,000 and more to learn risky strategies that pale in comparison to this exclusive 400K FBA PRODUCT LAUNCH FORMULA. You will discover in this session the launch secrets of a Million Dollar Ninja that can catapult your product on PAGE ONE at Amazon. This is a “Rank-Juice” strategy so powerful, you’d think it would be illegal… but it’s not! You’d expect it to be black-hat… but it’s not! You’d think we would not reveal this… but we do!


This session is a fast paced summary of everything in the program. The perfect way to solidify the entire program in your mind from start to finish. How to find clients, rank and launch products on Amazon.

Exclusive Video Training With Mr X, The $400,000/month Amazon Ninja

In this training, you will discover how to choose the right product the 1st time, how to get your every product to the top of the Amazon search engines, and how to profit wildly right away, without having to spend a single dime on inventory, traffic or give aways.

This is unique content you will NOT find anywhere else.

If you want to crush amazon without taking a single risk, then this alone is well worth 100x your investment today!
Limited Live Webinar Training With Mr X, The $400,000/month Amazon Ninja

We have literally twisted the arm here of Mr X, the $400,000/month Amazon ninja.

He has agreed to walk you by the hand through his dead simple system to profiting wildly with amazon without spending a red cent.

Join us for live training…
Get your questions answered by the $400,000 man himself
Plus get access to a $297 gift(we can;t announce what it is here, it’s that special.

Please Note: The gift will only be given away to members who join us for the live training. we are limited to 1000 seats only, so make sure to book your seat as soon as you join

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