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Ali Brown - Coaching Business Secrets

Ali Brown – Coaching Business Secrets

From: Ali Brown
To: Coaches, Consultants, and Anyone Who Has Considered Coaching Others
In 2006, four years into my core business, I launched what I considered to be my very first high-priced coaching program. I remember being so nervous when I announced the $12,000 fee on stage. Just a few years later, I was happily charging $100,000 per membership in my top tier program.
To get from there to here, I had to learn a lot—the hard way. It wasn’t an easy ride. There was trial and error. Some things even blew up in the process! Some privately, some publicly. But the risk paid off…
Since then, my coaching programs have evolved into well-oiled machines that consistently generate over seven figures. (And my star members experienced stellar results, which is the best part of all! But let’s stick with the business aspect right now…)
I’m not sharing these numbers with you to impress you, but instead to impress upon you that I definitely learned how to expertly design, sell, and run coaching programs.
What’s Working Today in the Coaching Industry?
If you’ve been in business for the last few years, you know that things have shifted DRAMATICALLY for those in our industry. Many of the traditional coaching business models are today obsolete, and even many niche leaders are scratching their heads, asking, “Just what exactly IS working these days? I know my services are valuable, but it seems what worked before is not working now. What to do?”

It seems everyone is finally realizing that coaching is a BUSINESS. You have to make sure you are set up to stay afloat. And I say go farther and build something amazing that can generate you a lifetime of income.
To help you out, I’ve put together a special report called:
“Coaching Business Secrets: Simple Strategies and Points of Leverage that Any Service Professional Can Use to Generate MORE Revenue in Less Time”
Here’s what you’ll learn in this instant PDF download…
the most POPULAR types of coaching programs that are in demand right now
which types of programs are NOT easy to sell right now (don’t waste your time)
my personal 3 no-fail formulas for various levels of group coaching delivery

which price points ($$$) are working well across the board in many niches
the biggest mistake I see most solo-preneurs make when launching their coaching programs (and they do it publicly)
hidden DANGERS of continuity (membership) programs, and how to avoid them
details about my groundbreaking BRAND NEW Coaching Business Secrets home-study course that will personally walk you through how to design, sell, and run your own profitable programs… step-by-step.
Don’t miss out on the information in this report. It’s absolutely free! Complete the form to the upper right and you’ll immediately receive an email with the link to download.
Love and success,
Ali Brown
P.S. I never planned on being a coach, but it has rewarded me spiritually and personally in ways I never imagined. I’m sure it’s similarly rewarding for you too. But I’m tired of seeing so many GREAT coaches suffer financially. So let’s get to the BUSINESS of coaching. Enter your information above and get my free report immediately.

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