Alex Mandossian – No List Marketing Strategies

Alex Mandossian – No List Marketing Strategies

Alex Mandossian – No List Marketing Strategies

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Author: Alex Mandossian
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The difference between opportunity seekers and strategic entrepreneurs when it comes to social media … and the roadmap that ensures you are operating like the latter. Why article marketing is essential to fully leveraging the power of social media. How to connect all of your social media channels to maximize your social influencModule 1:    Using the Pulling Power and Marketing Reach of Facebook to Grow Your Business
The type of page you should set up if you want to maximize Facebook marketing for business …. and 4 reasons to steer clear of groups
The biggest promotional mistake most entrepreneurs make when setting up their pages
How to easily integrate other social media channels into your Facebook page

Module 2:    Using the Power and Reach of LinkedIn to Grow Your Business
The hands-down most important thing to do when setting up your profile – this has been proven to increase the effectiveness of your profile up to 40%
The key changes to make in your bio to ensure you get found quickly by people who could use your services
3 ways to make your profile picture pop out from the rest

Module 3:    Use the Pulling Power and Marketing Reach of Twitter to Grow Your Business
The easiest way to get a unique Twitter background created for your profile
The 2 pages you should list in your profile – pick one of these to ensure that Twitter followers know how to take the next step with your company
What to look for when deciding who to follow … and why it’s important to be choosey

Module 4:    Understanding the Pulling Power & Marketing Reach of YouTube
5 ways to incorporate videos into your marketing
The best wording to use when naming your YouTube channel … and what to do if someone is already using the name you want
5 places to find affordable graphic designers who can create a professional look for your YouTube channel

Module 5:    Understanding the Power and Reach of Blogging
7 key ways you can use a blog to connect with prospective and current customers … and how it differs from your web site
3 ways blogs will help boost your search engine ranking
The most essential elements of a blog … and what your posts need to include to capture the attention of visitors and search engines

Module 6:    Grand Unification Theory of Social Influence
This is the module where it all comes together. You’ll learn how to be one of the rare entrepreneurs who uses social media strategically … weaving together all of your social media efforts into a web that effortlessly captures readers and builds your social influence.

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