Alex Carroll – Radio Publicity Master Course

Alex Carroll - Radio Publicity Master Course

Alex Carroll – Radio Publicity Master Course [16 CDs (mp3) + 1 (PDFs)]

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Radio Publicity Expert Alex Carroll
Veteran Guest Of 1,264 Radio Talk Show Interviews …
Worth Over $4,500,000 In Free Airtime
And $1,526,000 In Direct Sales
Get Rich and Become Famous …Being A Guest
on Big Radio Shows
…Without Spending A Dime On Advertising
…Or Ever Leaving the Comfort of Your Home
Dear Friend,
            Did you know that American radio stations need more than 10,000 guests PER DAY to fill their shows? If you have something to talk about, they need YOU!
Can you save people money? Save them time? Make them rich? Tell them an amazing story? Make them laugh? Teach them something new? Get them arguing about a controversial topic? Enrich their lives?
If so, you can tap into the ever flowing fountain of free radio publicity.
It’s a win-win situation. You give the radio show great programming … they give you great promotion.
Sell Virtually Anything! … Your books, products, services, cause, seminar, newsletter, website, campaign etc.
• You get to advertise for FREE. Radio interviews cost nothing!
• You can do radio interviews from any phone, anytime, anywhere
• You’ll often get an entire hour or more of free airtime per interview
• You’ll become recognized as the expert on your subject
• You’ll have captive audiences of thousands …
even millions … of listeners
• Your bank account will explode
• You could become the next household name
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