Alan Weiss – Alan’s Super Language Practicum

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Alan Weiss – Alan’s Super Language Practicum

Alan Weiss – Alan’s Super Language Practicum

COST: $2,500
Author: Alan Weiss
Size: 3.82 GB

How to speak and write to influence, persuade, direct, cajole, and, generally, get your way.

Learn from the master how to master language, apply it to address problems,
create innovation, reconcile conflict, negotiate to your advantage, and make
you feel confident and self-assured in every situation you encounter.Learn how to use verbal skills to their maximum effect for your benefit.

Practice spontaneous, “in the moment” responses.

Create rebuttals to the toughest objections you hear.

Learn the 10 phrases to always have at the ready.

Write letters and email in minimum time with maximum impact.

Create letters of complaint that gain immediate reaction and resolution.

Create powerful sound bites.

Participate in role-plays, hot seats, and live practice.

Use the prep work to bring your actual “world” with you for practice.

Use the video to constantly reinforce the skills you learn.

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