Akilah Richards – Finding Time for Self-Care Through Simple Spiritual Rituals

Akilah Richards – Finding Time for Self-Care Through Simple Spiritual Rituals

Akilah Richards – Finding Time for Self-Care Through Simple Spiritual Rituals

Akilah Richards – Finding Time for Self-Care Through Simple Spiritual Rituals

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Author: Akilah Richards

Information: Do you want to manage your emotions, stop your stress, and feel connected to your higher power? Exploring your spirituality is a great way to take on a better leadership role in your own life.

Enroll in this course to explore, create, and practice simple habits for your consistent spiritual growth.

This is a course about rituals for everyday people. Rituals are basically habits we’re aware of. We brush our hair and our teeth ritualistically. We can get in our cars and drive to certain places without even having to pay attention to the route. We are creatures of habit, and this course is about paying closer attention to your habits, and adding intention and desire to the habits you want to keep.

There are so many simple ways to use rituals to create deeper connections to our spirituality. One important benefit of connecting habit to spiritual ritual is that it becomes less of a reactive idea and more of a part of your daily life.

Maybe you were raised in religion, but discovered spirituality later on in life. Or maybe you’ve become disconnected with the spiritual practices that served you in your past.

Whatever the reason, you are now open to defining spirituality on your own terms. In this course, I will guide you through the exploration of your own patterns and needs, so you can have clear spiritual goals, and a practice (a set of rituals) that helps you stay aligned with those goals.

By using engaging, curiosity-focused activities and prompts, I will help you get clear and confident about calling upon whatever feels like God, Universe, or Higher Self to you.
What are the requirements?

No experience with spiritual or religious study required. Some of the activities require a computer or mobile phone.

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 40 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
Create daily practices to get you centered and grounded in the morning
Meditate without being overwhelmed by your own thoughts
Use powerful word combinations (incantations) to build your self-confidence
Use rituals you created to feel a deeper connection to your Higher Power
Have a clear process for centering yourself in any moment of fear or anxiety
Start releasing guilt around separating from your religious or spiritual upbringing
Use everday hygiene practices (like hand-washing) to connect to your spirituality
Manage stress by using simple breathing techniques
Release anything that feels tethered to fear or guilt around spirituality
Benefit from a personalized process for connecting to and calling upon joy and gratitude

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