AI Roboform Enterprise v.

AI Roboform Enterprise v.

AI Roboform Enterprise v.

AI Roboform Enterprise v.

A client-based alternative to Single Sign-On (SSO), RoboForm Enterprise delivers fast, simplified password management, solving the growing password inflation problem for your organization at a fraction of the cost of traditional SSO.

  • Increased Employee Productivity and Satisfaction with a Single, Secure Login to All Applications
    Automatically logs employees into their myriad applications (web based and Win32 based applications ).
  • Immediate Results with Fast, Straightforward Roll-out
    Requires no integration or infrastructure changes, and can be deployed in minutes!
  • Cost-Effective with Rapid ROI
    Saves your organization money with a low price point and instant IT help desk savings.
  • Easily share and deploy credentials securely
    Using Dual Master Password functionality, users will have abilty to use credentials without knowing your organization’s secure passwords
  • Powerful Integration into your business needs
    Form Filling feature can be linked to your organization’s existing database
  • RoboForm Enterprise Managed Console
    Easily distribute Passcards, Safenotes, and Identities between Users
  • Compatible with Citrix and other virtual environments
    RoboForm Enterprise has been deployed in XenApps, XenDesktop, Terminal Services, and other desktop virtualization / cloud computing environments.

Whats New Since Last Release?

Version 7.8.7

  • Chrome: fix RF toolbar and AutoFill dialog are not sometimes not shown.
  • Chrome: fix AutoSave does not work for BasicAuth dialog in Chrome.
  • Chrome: redo waiting for NavigateComplete, to cut off wait for completion.
  • Firefox: fix memory leaks.
  • Firefox: fix rare cycling of toolbar smart resize.
  • Firefox: add ‘Toolbar text color’ setting to RF addon options page.
  • Firefox: make RF appear correctly on transparent aero-glass themes.
  • Filler: fix Form Filler truncates values when filling in text fields with maxLength attribute.
  • Win32: fix attaching to Google Talk.
  • Win32: fix Win32 passcard malformed Go To URL may freeze RF.
  • Win32: fix RF could cause initial QB login box malfunction.
  • DND: fix RF dialog that appears when dropping text to a window that does not support DND.
  • Fix Show Passcard may show fields of dual password passcard with only first part entered.
  • Rf2Go: add to passcard context menu: Add/Remove from Most Popular / Start Page.
  • Activation dialog: show it automatically after purchase on RF site.
  • Activation dialog: fix activation dialog sometimes shown for Pro users.
  • Activation: fix RF Activation via browser does not work in FF.
  • Activation: add Proxy Settings into Activation dialog.
  • Show Passcard dialogs: fix several UI appearance issues.
  • Sync: fix RF warns that MP was changed was another computer when it did not.
  • Sync: indicate waiting for another sync to finish, restart Analyze after it does.
  • Sync Setup: allow to override sync locks during sync setup.
  • Closer: fix sometimes RF Closer tries to close desktop window.
  • Closer: fix RF Closer did not close IE8 in some cases.
  • Editor: Rewrite keyboard focus and navigation system.
  • UI: multiple fixes, to always use correct theme, set focus correctly.
  • Print List: fix IE print preview leaves temp html file in temp folder in some cases.
  • Print List: Always ask for Master Password when reading files for print preview.
  • Fix miscellaneous crashes.

Feel free to use the online sync feature, it does work fine when you run the setup. Also make sure to set it up later or a taskbar notification will let you know once. This is also known as RoboForm Everywhere which is fully functional in this release.
In IE 64bit it may show as Desktop ONLY in the about window, but if you have chosen Everywhere syncing is still performed (hopefully fixed in an update). Its suggested to use a different RoboForm Everywhere password than your master password. This way nobody will be able to decrypt your online database except you.

Note that you can now choose either Everywhere or Desktop type of installation while first installing AI Roboform. You can also tell which type of configuration its currently set at by opening the About window from the taskbar icon, keep this running if you want full time syncing with Everywhere. Everywhere will show Sync With [USERNAME], while Desktop will not show Sync. This can be changed at any time by going into Options then User Data and clicking on Settings button.

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