Aha! Moments – Anything is Possible! with Mariana Cooper 2014

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Aha! Moments - Anything is Possible! with Mariana Cooper 2014

Aha! Moments – Anything is Possible! with Mariana Cooper 2014

Aha! Moments

Anything is Possible!
with Mariana Cooper

We all know Anything’s Possible… Right?

Join these 12 Generous, Genuine, Inspirational, Transformational,

New Thought Leaders, as they share their wisdom on what it actually means

to live like “Anything’s Possible!”

“You Truly Can Have Exactly What You Want (Or Even Better)! You Absolutely Deserve it Too! And In this New Energy, Anything is Possible!” – Mari

This is a quote that I say at the end of every single show I do and I truly believe it! So much so that I have invited my friends to present the Best of their Best Teachings for you to provide you with the tools that you can apply right away to bring what you desire and deserve into reality, NOW!

Join thousands of other Seekers from over 95 countries in our Aha! Moments World Community this winter for an amazing series of Global Master Classes taught by some of the most thought provoking and reputable New Thought, Spiritual and Energetic Healing Leaders of our times!

I have personally interviewed and chosen each speaker based on their talent, expertise and integrity. These leaders are the real deal! Our sessions are not just for beginners! These sessions are geared to the more Advanced Seeker who is really ready for more! Each Master Class will be packed with top notch information and practical tools that you can use right away in your own life!

Meet our Speakers:

Stepping Into the Brilliance of You! with Dr. Dain Heer
What You Will Learn:
• What if you could awake what you truly be and start creating the world you know is possible?
• What if your knowing and the difference you be is crucial to the shift that is going on right now?
• What if being fully alive is the greatest gift you can give the this Earth and people around you?
• What if this is just the beginning of something more wondrous and fantastic than you could ever imagine?

360 degrees of Abundance with Mas Sajady
What You Will Learn:
• What true abundance actually is
• Why 360 degrees of abundance
• Why financial abundance itself is not enough
• What is wealth frequency? Do you have it? And ways to get it
• Is being abundant really our birthrite? And the advanced ways that Mas can help you to receive it!

Remote Scalar Energy Healing: Be touched and healed by God’s Scalar Energy!
with Tom Paladino
One of the Most Profound New Remote Energy Healing Systems on the Planet!
Key Points to know:
• Remote Scalar Healing uses 3 protocols to assist the immune system to recover from chronic illness.
• Reduce the pathogen load on the body. How to introduce nutrients: vitamins, minerals, amino acids,
fatty acids and phytochemicals
• How to balance and harmonize the chakra system for optimal well being

Yippee! I AM the Possibility That Creates! with Dee Wallace
What You Will Learn:
• What are the principles we have to know to work the formula?
• What does it mean to be in harmony with what you desire?
• Why does that need to be in place?
• Where does creation really begin?
• What is the biggest block in consciousness that thwarts our conscious creation?
• What is the one thing we can do daily to create more of what I want?
• What is the highest claim the channel has given to bring about unlimited possibility.
• And Much More!

Tapping Into the Vibration of Abundance with Carol Look
What You Will Learn:
• Discover the TRUE definition of “Abundance” and why it’s important to making anything POSSIBLE.
• Learn the “energetic equation” that will dramatically improve your manifestation results.
• Understand why you aren’t “there” yet and how to keep moving forward.
• Identify the 3 primary blocks that are in your way and how to clear them.
• Learn how to examine the “evidence” that you have subconscious beliefs or fears of getting what you want.
• Learn the two steps you need to take to change your “abundance vibration” so that anything is possible.
• Find out why “changing your energy” is the only solution that works to make ANYTHING POSSIBLE in your life.
• Use Advanced Meridian Tapping to clear your blocks and tap into the Vibration of Abundance now.

Personal and Group Healings to Open Your Pathways and Illuminate Your Inner Brilliance
with Eric Altman
Eric will lead you deep into your negative emotions and actions that are counter-productive: releasing these once and for all. You will learn to discover the nature of both positive and negative thought processes. A great deal of what he does happens energetically on the call. He will be doing both individual and group energy clearings that go way beyond what most people have ever experienced. During this session Eric will dynamically release blocks and open up pathways for letting your inner brilliance shine through and allow what you are desiring to create happen in record time. Eric is the REAL DEAL!

Clearing Karma with the Akashic Records with Lisa Barnett
What You Will Learn:
• The inner workings of the Akashic Record, an ancient wisdom that has been around for time immemorial and that
the World is Now Ready to access again.
• How the Akashic Record can help you to access Infinite Wisdom and Possibilities for your life
• How the Akashic Records can help in your daily life
• An easy way to clear Karma and get un-stuck
• How to learn if you are on your “Souls Path” with the Akashic Records
• Energy healing and clearing from the Akashic Masters during the call
• And Much More!

Ancient Chaldean Numerology Readings! with Joanne Justis
One of the Most Accurate Types of Numerology Available!
Today, World Renowned Chaldean Numerologist Joanne Justis is joining us for a big show. She will be doing Ancient Chaldean Numerology Readings and sharing how you can really benefit from having your charts done. This is the most accurate type of numerology out there. My reading was spot on! And it covers your entire lifetime!

International Channel of Kryon with Lee Carroll
Our Annual Energetic State of The Union Address
In this info packed session we will be discussing:
• Japan, Fukushima and the Healing of the Pacific Ocean
• Our Food and Water Supplies and Where our Focus Should be
• Global Warming, Climate Change and the Intense New Weather Patterns
• Global Governments and World Economics – New Trends
• Where we stand as Lightworkers, where we are most needed and how we can be and make a difference for the
forward progression of the planet
• How other galaxies and civilizations are playing a role in our evolution
• How we can upgrade our bodies to navigate the new energies
• And Much Much More!

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