Adil Amarsis SE Conquest

Adil Amarsis SE Conquest

Adil Amarsis SE Conquest

This is probably the most complete, step – by – step SEO video course I’ve ever seen.
Which is why I’m so psyched to have my named attached to it, and show you just how cool it is. SE Conquest answers just about every questions you could ever thing of…

How many backlinks should you build a day?
Are On- Page optimization even worth bothering with?
Does the theme you use influence your link juice?
Is there a keyword research strategy that actually works?
Who’s the most affiliate friendly hosting company?
What kind of linking structure should you follow?

That’s just a taste of what you’ll be seeing. Each module goes in depth with every aspect of SEO. See for yourself…

Module 1 – The Core of SEO

This Module covers everything to get you started. This includes how to pick a profitable niche that won’t give you a migraine when searching for the keywords. What domain name and hosting companies to use. As well as plugins and the right themes.

Video 1 – keywords and products research
Video 2 – Hosting and domains and website set up
Video 3 – theme, domains, plugins

Module 2 – Optimum Site Performance

Getting a site ranked on Google is simple enough but setting up the pages, content, SEO, and getting a review copy of the product usually help a hell of a lot.

Video 1 – Setting up the about me page – one of the most visited pages on your site.
Video’s 2,3 & 4 – Content writing and on page SEO – the how’s, what’s, why’s and more.
Video 5 – How to get a review copy of the product ahead of the launch date.

Module 3 – Get Ranked Fast

Let’s face it, SEO can be a mystifying subject but if you really boil it down it’s very simple. In this module I show you exactly how I create SEO rankings using simple and easy to implement strategies.

Video 1 – theme relevancy – How your website’s content affects your rankings
Video 2 – bonus and review posts how to do them
Video 3 – on page SEO – what you need to know and how to do it.
Video 4 – offpage SEO – exactly how many links to build, tips and tools to use.

Module 4 – The Secret to the Sale

As a copywriter, I know a thing or two about getting conversions and even though everyone and their brother is pushing for “More traffic”, more traffic is useless unless you convert and this is what this module teaches.

Video 1 – What is preselling. The anatomy of Preselling
Video 2 – How to write headlines and subheads to get attention
Video 3 – Writing the body copy and the little known secret to getting higher conversions and connecting emotionally with your reader.
Video 4 – Closing for the sale – Getting Paid.

Module 5 – Putting it All Together

This is just 1 single video that will show you what a site looks like at last after its finished.

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