Adam Eason – Fear of Public Speaking and Phobia Release

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Adam Eason - Fear of Public Speaking and Phobia Release

Adam Eason – Fear of Public Speaking and Phobia Release

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“Even my kids are less scared than me!”
Sick To Death Of Phobias Controlling What You Do?

Yes? Then as you read the information on this page, you’ll learn that this amazing new product is for you if you want to free yourself of a phobia.

FACT #1: Phobias are irrational fears which inhibit and restrict the enjoyment of many people’s lives.

FACT #2: You were not born with your phobia, were you? Learn how to turn back the clock and be phobia free again today with this amazing audio programme.

Phobia Release

Available for purchase as a CD Set and an MP3 Digital Download.

People With Phobias: Listen Up…

Ok, ok, so you probably already know that I work with lots and lots of people to help them overcome phobias. In fact, over the years that I have been a best selling author, speaker, therapist and researcher, I have worked with thousands of individuals to successfully overcome phobias and fears.

You also already know that there are some pretty bizarre phobias out there, don’t you?

I once worked with a butcher who developed a fear of blood!

I helped a man who could not eat out in public as he had a fear of hearing other people chewing and eating.

Isn’t it amazing how the human brain functions? You want to learn how it really functions, don’t you? YOu want to learn how to take control of it too, don’t you? I am sure that consciously, you may even realise how silly your phobia may be. am I right? Yet, you keep on having that reaction every time a certain thing happens… As I said, the human brain is amazing isn’t it?

Major breakthrough in rapidly releasing phobias!

Now then, let me explain something here; you were not born with your phobia. You did not pop out into this world and exclaim to the midwife present, “Aaaggghh! Keep that needle away from me! Get back!”

Somewhere along the line, for whatever reasons, you learned how to be phobic or afraid of whatever it is. Think about just how amazing it is that you remember to do that phobic response every time! I have a job remembering to take the rubbish out each day, but the phobic remembers to have their fear every time that thing happens! Amazing.

Releasing your phobia is as simple to learn as it was acquiring it. Now you can discover how to go about that process with this easy to use, step-by-step guide that anyone can use.

Let me tell you about some of what is included in this amazing programme:

* Introduction and insightful explanation of phobias.
* Amazing audio instructions and technique for dismantling your phobia.
* Full explanation of the conscious and unconscious mind and how the hypnosis works.
* Unique hypnosis session to further release your phobia at the deep unconscious level.
* Instruction on meridian techniques for tapping away certain elements of your old phobia.
* Unique use of ‘whole brain technology’ where different sounds resonate with different parts of your brain.
* Especially designed, unique music with evocative hypnotic language.
* Instruction on how to unplug all previous, outdated programming that taught you how to be phobic.
* Much more…

Why these techniques show you that you have a choice:

As you continue to read about this programme here on this page, that’s right, you do have a choice here today. In fact, as you read this, I am now presenting you with a choice. Because you can of course do nothing.

Yes indeed, you have the freedom to not invest in this solution and you can carry on along the path which you have been going down.

You know what that path is like though, don’t you? Do you really want to carry on with that behaviour? What will it be like if you carry on with this behaviour for a few more years?

The other choice is to reclaim the freedom that you were born with and take back what is yours; the right to be in control of your own mind!

I make it sound so melodramatic, don’t I?

You know why? IT IS TRUE.

Let me tell you something; it is a lot easier to NOT have your fear. You remember to have that fear every time you get that particular stimulus, whatever it may be. Surely, it would be much easier to react naturally, calmly and easily like everyone else seems to be able to do?

In this audio programme, you will learn how to;

* Take control of your own mind (you do have a mind of your own, don’t you?).
* Let go of old outmoded beliefs.
* Reframe past experiences.
* Design new behaviours: Live how you deserve and desire.
* Behave how you want to in all those situations: Be free!
* Take control of your own mind.

Notice how I put “take control of your own mind” in twice?
That is how important this notion is to me. Let me say that again; take control of you own mind! It is your birthright to live in freedom! You should allow yourself to be free of this fear.

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