Action Coaching Club – Eben Pagan & Lou D’Alo

Action Coaching Club - Eben Pagan & Lou D'Alo

Action Coaching Club – Eben Pagan & Lou D’Alo

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Training Sessions

Training Call “Productivity Primer”

As part of the “Managing Your Self” section of the Action Coaching Checklist, Lou review’s the most important things you can do to increase your productivity, and how to get more done faster, and with less effort, than you ever thought possible.

Training Call “Article Marketing Secrets”

This training “drills down” on one of the most popular and effective free traffic strategies : Article Marketing. Lou interviews Chris Knight, the publisher of the world’s biggest and most heavily trafficked article directory,

Training Call Niche Research and Testing “How To Primer”

Training Call “Create Content Fast”

In this session we’ll learn “How to Create Great Content – Fast! No matter how you slice it, it all boils down to great content, doesn’t it? Whether it’s blog posts, videos, optin incentives, free line content, product launches, programs, courses, ebooks, SEO, DVDs, you name it – if you’re in an information business, you’ve got to learn to get what’s in your head into a format your prospects and clients value and consume.

Training Call “The Web Wagon Wheel”

In this session we’re going to quickly review the answer to one of my most frequently asked questions: “Blogs, Optins, Salesletters, Blogs, Social Media … arrrghh – How do I figure out which ones I need and how they all fit together???” This is one of those things that can get very complex, very fast – if you let it.

Training Call “Content Creation Demo”

In this training we walk through a real life “rapid content creation” example to demonstrate how to quickly create, deliver, record and publish a valuable piece of content that you can use as an optin incentive, or as an SEO/Social marketing piece.

Training Call “How Event Marketing Multiplies Conversion & Sales”

In the past two years or so, I’ve made a simple shift in my marketing that has yielded off-the-chart results in some key areas that I track:

– Registration/attendance at my tele/web seminars has increased 2-3x on average.
– Conversions on promotional events increase from a typical 5-10% to as much as over 60%;
– All my workshops have sold in a matter of days, sometimes hours; and
– I’ve filled any empty spots in my private coaching group within a day or two of promoting..

It’s not just me…

I’ve taught this strategy to my coaching clients, and the ones who are using it are seeing similar results – whether they’re just starting out, or whether they’re running million dollar businesses. Now you can too. In this training I’ll give you a sneak peek into what I’m doing, why it works, and how you can start using it in your business to get these results too.

Training Call The “Nuts and Bolts” of Blogs

A blog is a crucial part of our web presence. We use it to establish our authority and expertise, and get free organic (SEO) traffic. And while it’s relatively easy to use once you get the hang of it, we thought it would be helpful to step you through the exact steps we recommend…

Training Call “Keywords and SEO”

In this session we cover the “essential 20%” of keyword and SEO activity you need to do consistently to drive free and paid traffic to your site, and help optimize your landing page conversions.

Training Call “How to Use Coaching Calls to Grow Your Business”

In this session Lou walks you through the specific, detailed steps of the call structure he uses, and that he coaches his clients to use, to get 7 or 8 out of 10 people who show up on these calls to say “Yes”.

Training Call “Juggernaut” SEO Secrets with Lou D’Alo and John Rhodes

We had very positive feedback throughout this call – John shared some very interesting perspectives and techniques for doing SEO. But remember: until and unless you put it into action … you get no results.

Training Call “Video Stats and Timeboxing Programs”

In this session we’ll learn step by step how to use the Inplay program to create and monitor video statistics. I’ll also demonstrate my favorite productivity tool- Timeboxing. A tool I use when I need to get a lot done – and fast.

Training Call “Intro to Video Tracking & Statistics”

In this call I’ll teach you step by step how to use this FREE tool for tracking video stats.
1) Why tracking is important
2) How tracking helps you
3) How you can benefit the most from your videos and tracking
4) Why you want customers to refer and point to your blog from your videos.

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