Abundant Mystic Spring 2014 with Edward Mills

Abundant Mystic Spring 2014 with Edward Mills

Abundant Mystic Spring 2014 with Edward

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Who Else Wants A Life of Personal Prosperity While Making

the World a Better Place?

36 Abundant Mystic Masters Show You How! All for FREE!


There are no mistakes… no coincidences. You were guided here for a reason. Something attracted you to this site. Something here resonates with you. Perhaps you already feel the truth and the potential of what is happening here. Maybe your Inner Guidance knows that this series will help you reclaim your Divine birthright of TRUE Abundance. Because if you’re here you have a purpose. Your life has a meaning. And it is only when you are living fully in your abundance that you can fully offer your gifts in service to the higher good.


I’ve seen so many modern day mystics struggling. So many gifted, talented people, like you, offering their Divine gifts and messages to the world but struggling to make ends meet! And to be perfectly honest, I’ve been there too! And not so long ago. In fact, when I launched the first Abundant Mystic Series back in 2009 I was still struggling.

I know what it’s like to feel the calling of your Higher Guidance… to know that you have a message and a gift to share… and to keep coming up against a wall that seems to continuously block the flow of Abundance. Now I’ve learned that it doesn’t have to be that way! I’ve discovered that those days of struggle can transform into days of ease, joy, love and abundance very quickly! Those Days of Struggle Shifted For Me… And you too can discover just how quickly and easily your life can shift.

The Intention of The Abundant Mystic Series is:

To help you reclaim your Divine Birthright of TRUE Abundance and help you create a life of Personal Prosperity
while fully embodying your gifts and offering them in service to the highest good of all!

This Series is For You…

• If you feel like this world forces you to choose EITHER money or meaning
• If you question whether spirituality and prosperity mix
• If your parents taught you (through words or by example) that money is bad
• If you happily serve others but struggle to meet your own needs
• If you are sensitive to the energies of others and wonder how to survive and thrive in an over stimulating world
• If you know you have a special gift for the world but feel exhausted just trying to make ends meet
• If you’ve ever felt like the “system” is bad
• If you ever feel powerless against worldy forces you don’t understand
• If you ever feel abandoned by your creative Source
• If you ever get a glimpse of the Heaven on Earth that is possible


When you listen to The Abundant Mystic speakers you instantly step into a potent, uplifting and healing field of abundance. Long before the start of this series, this field is being seeded and charged so that it can blossom into the hearts and minds of all who participate. And we’re excited to have you join us and bring your own unique vibration to the field adding. As you add your energy to the this field you help increase the potency and potential.

And you get to draw from the expanding power of this field to heal your abundance blocks, raise your vibration and help you step into your birthright of TRUE Abundance. Together we co-create an energy field that uplifts everyone who participates but also ripples out beyond us into the world to have a powerful positive impact on the entire world.


You have absolutely nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain when you listen to The Abundant Mystic recordings.
Join us now and reclaim YOUR Divine Birthright of TRUE Abundance!


The Art of Emergineering – Derek Rydall
In this Comprehensive, Transformational session you’ll discover:
• The BIGGEST MISTAKE that Makes Most Success Strategies Fail — and How to End This Destructive Pattern Forever
(it’s not what you think)
• The RADICAL PRINCIPLE for Manifesting Everything You Need, No Matter What Conditions You Face (This is a game-changer)
• The WEIRD PRACTICE for Getting Unstuck and Unlocking Massive Abundance (You’ll never be a victim of anything again)
• The REAL SECRET that Generates Rapid Wealth and Opportunity In Your Life (we’ll flip the switch on your inner Power Plant!)
• The UNCONSCIOUS HABIT that Has Secretly Sapped You of Your Power and Control — and How to Reverse It All

LIVE Intuitive Assessments! – Christel Hughes
On the call Christel will help you:
• Discover your unique Spiritual Gifts
• Build Self-Confidence
• Realize your Purpose
• Understand which energies are moving into your reality, experience and field (nudges from your Soul) so that you can
embrace and embody the True You!

Your Prosperity is Closer Than You Think! – Lynn McKenzie
Are you ready to learn the #1 Thing No One Is Talking About When It Comes To Manifesting Abundance and Prosperity?
Here are some of the topics we’ll be exploring in the call with Lynn:
• How to make money on demand
• How you can and why you should get paid lucratively for your creativity and unique life’s work
• Learn how to design and live the lifestyle of your dreams
• How to break free of resistance and say YES to your prosperity

The Secrets to Juicy Abundant Living – Alanna Pratt
The topic of sexuality, sensuality and abundance has come up before in our Abundant Mystic sessions. And I’m excited to dive
a little deeper today because it’s such an important – and often overlooked or avoided topic!
Did you know that Napoleon Hill devoted an entire chapter of his classic abundance book Think and Grow Rich to the connection
between sex and manifestation?
If he talked about it in 1937, in a book backed by Andrew Carnegie, you KNOW it’s got to be important!
You see, here’s the thing… If you have:
• Body Issues
• Intimacy Issues
• Sexuality Issues
• Relationship Issuess…
They are creating abundance issues in your life!

Embodied Abundance – Gay Hendricks
It’s time to learn from a TRUE Abundant Mystic Master!
Here’s just some of what we explored on this call:
• The power of Forward Tithing to open the flow of abundance in YOUR life.
• A powerful breath process to expand experience, expression and abundance.
• The cost of overriding your inner knowing.
• How to let life reinvent YOU in a bigger, better, more abundant way!
• The role of connection – to self, others, community and cosmos – in the creation of abundance.
• A process for stopping negative thoughts before they grow.
• And so much more!

Program Yourself for Wealth – Dr. Steve G. Jones
What if you could clear your abundance blocks and program yourself for wealth… and do it while you sleep?
Here’s just some of what you’ll learn on this call:
• Whether everyone can be hypnotized (and whether you can).
• What the dangers are with hypnosis and when you should not use it.
• Exactly how hypnosis can clear away your abundance blocks.
• What it means to “program” yourself for wealth.
• How you can program yourself for wealth (and anything else you want!)
• The relationship between stress and wealth and how to clear your attachment to stress.
• What is “Future Pacing” and how it can accelerate the creation of abundance.

Pray and Grow Rich! – Angela Montano
You’ve heard of Think and Grow Rich… But are you ready to take the Quantum leap into TRUE Abundance
when you discover how to PRAY AND GROW RICH?
On this call you’ll discover:
• The most damaging myths about prayer – that hold you back from activating the power of prayer.
• The biggest mistakes you can make when praying for abundance – if you’re like most people you’re making a bunch
of these mistakes when you pray.
• How to use prayer to expand your abundance from the inside out.
• Where to begin – if you haven’t prayed before.
• New prayer technologies that are simple, effective, and easy to use.
• How to use prayer as a bridge to divine healing energy.

3-Step Formula for Soaring Self Esteem and Abundance – Joe Rubino
Can you be truly abundant with low self esteem?
On this call you’ll discover:
• The #1 Ingredient Essential to Attracting Success, Abundance, Happiness, Rewarding Relationships, and Fulfillment to Your Life
• The Importance of Healing Your Past and the Step by Step Formula to Achieve Peace in Your Life
• How to Exit the Vicious Cycle of Mediocrity and Self-Sabotage
• The 3 Steps to Emotional Freedom
• The Exact Process to Manifest the Future of Your Dreams and Create Your Ideal Abundant Life


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