Abby Winters – AW Education – Learn how to get Women

Abby Winters - AW Education - Learn how to get Women

Abby Winters – AW Education – Learn how to get Women

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These are the first 36 questions from the Abby Winters ( pornography site education section (no porn in this videos – strictly educational). Recently renamed: “Learn how to get Women”. A wide variety of topics is touched upon and answered by the models from Abby Winters. Per every question multiple girls will shine their light on the subject.

From cliches like ‘does penis size matter’ to helpful tips for internet dating, and keeping your girlfriend happy. Some questions are about getting a girlfriend, some about situations you will find yourself in when you have a wife/girlfriend. It’s very entertaining to watch.

The questions!

Do girls ever contact guys who have no picture in their internet dating profiles?
Do girls like anal sex?
Does penis size matter?
How can I have sex with the girl I like?
How can I make it up to my girlfriend?
How clean should I be before sex?
How do I approach Girls?
How do I ask my girlfriend to do porny things?
How do I get girls interested in me?
How do I give my girlfriend an orgasm?
How do I seduce a girl?
How do I talk to girls?
How handsome do I need to be to get a girl?
How important is foreplay for girls?
How important is the internet dating profile picture to girls?
How often should I tell my girlfriend how I feel about her?
How should I resolve an argument with my girl?
How should I surprise my girlfriend?
How do you use internet dating?
What are you looking for in a partner?
Should I check out other girls when I’m with my girlfriend?
Should I lie in my internet dating profile?
Should I treat her mean to keep her keen?
Tips for moving in with your girlfriend?
What do girls look for in guys?
What do girls look for in internet dating profiles?
What should I call my girlfriends pussy?
What should I get my girlfriend?
What should I not get my girlfriend?
What should I say when she asks ‘do I look good in this’?
What types do girls go for?
When do I ask my girlfriend for help?
Why do girls fake orgasms?
Why do you cheat on guys?

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