Aaron Danker – Drip Feed Cash

Aaron Danker - Drip Feed Cash

Aaron Danker – Drip Feed Cash

The sales-page and actual product for Drip Feed Cash constantly features the image of a dripping tap. That’s not the image that first comes to my mind when I hear the words ‘drip feed’. I see someone in a hospital bed being drip-fed some intravenous solution from a plastic bag drip fixed above them.

But then, you wouldn’t want to pepper your website and product with such images would you?

The name ‘Drip Feed’ comes from the notion of creating membership sites that provide you with a good, reliable, residual source of income. There’s no better way of securing subscription payments month-after-month. It’s a very viable business model and one that I recommend, if – and only if – you can constantly provide a good service and maintain the interest (and therefore continued memberships) of your loyal customers.

Drip Feed Cash is a 83-page manual for setting up your own membership sites.

The guide is heavily focused on finding and developing the best niches for your membership sites. I would only ever advocate setting up a membership site in a niche that you yourself are passionate about. If not, it’s going to become a chore and this will instantly be reflected in your content.

The guide is not guilt-free when it comes to padding and filler. It first deals with the importance of good market research. Anyone who’s ever watched The Apprentice should know that. This sort of advice goes without saying, if you ask me.

Interest is peaked only when they address the issue of membership sites and the various formats you can utilise. Here, the second use of the ‘drip feed’ theme comes into play, when you’re advised to have enough content to drip-feed onto the new member to last a period of two months. You could offer bonuses, affiliated products and various back-end deals. This is where the problem really arises for me. We’ve set up a membership centred around a specific niche. We’ve got enough content related to that niche to last at least two months. But then what happens? Three, six, nine months later, do you really have enough content to stay as fresh as a herb garden? Niches, by proxy, are finite. There is only so much information you can hash and rehash before that niche is exhausted. Before long you will have to broaden your horizons somewhat in an effort to keep people’s interest. The sales-page and the pdf guide give plenty of examples of potential niches, but realistically, how many videos or ebooks can you provide on the subject of seduction techniques for men before you’re resorting to such scraping-the-barrel chat-up lines as: ‘If I could rearrange the alphabet I’d put ‘I’ next to ‘U’’?

For only $7 for the manual (with a 60-day money-back guarantee), you’re getting value for money if you’re interested in setting up a membership website. There are enough nuggets of clarity-driven information amongst the filler for you to learn something for the small sum of money. But I do think the business model in the ebook is flawed. My main concern is that to make any real money from this business opportunity, you’re going to have to put a lot of time into creating a site that is informative enough and consistently engaging enough for your prospective members to remain as paying members – and more importantly, for you to want to dedicate the time and effort into doing this.

This is doubly difficult if you’re really focusing on a niche, which has obvious limitations content-wise for a membership website. There are only so many ebooks you can write and offer about weight-loss for brides before you’ve explored the topic entirely. You’re really going to have to think outside the box to maintain any member interests and this can only come from something you feel passionate about. The moment this becomes a pain more than a pleasure will show as clearly as lightning against a black sky. Your content will suffer, your members will resign and you’ll be left with an exhausted head-ache that only drip-fed glucose could shift.

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