[$5 WSO] Lee Murray’s “From the Top” – Simply Unreal!

[$5 WSO] Lee Murray’s “From the Top” – Simply Unreal!

[$5 WSO] Lee Murray’s “From the Top” – Simply Unreal!

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Value: $5
Dear Highly-Respected Friend,

This is no effing joke, and not for one second should it be treated as such.

People’s lives are in straight-up disarray right now.

The job market is blazay as hell. And even if it was better than ever… so what?

Most people freakin’ hate their jobs! Like seriously… big time… bad… argh!

I hated my last job so badly that I wanted to throw myself into a giant river. It was a damned nightmare, amigo. Gross, dirty, unfulfilling, and downright “flight or fight” anxiety-producing at every turn.
Thank you.

I worked in a restaurant/bar, which had been my “thing” nearly all of my adult life. Only in this particular restaurant, things were anything but copacetic.

They’d literally have me come in, sit in the basement (listening to the owner/chef screaming at everybody, losing his cool, calling everyone “retards,” “suck-asses,” and “garbage” the entire time I was down there), unpaid…

Yup, I would just chill in the basement while all hell was breaking loose, “just in case” they needed me to come up and start waiting tables. Sometimes I would be down there for several hours, playing Sudoku on my cell phone.

Sometimes, I wouldn’t get called to action at all. Other times, it was frantic… “Lee, go take table 35 right now. Hurry! They’ve been sitting there for five minutes, and nobody’s gotten to them. They look pissed!”

Sometimes, I’d make 50 bucks in a night. Other times, I’d make 7. Many times, I’d have spent 3-4 hours in that son of a bitch without earning a single dime.

Morale was the worst I’ve ever seen.

Management was abusive and horrible.

They had me work during the 2012 playoffs, when the Falcons battled my Seahawks and the game came down to the very last play. I’m a die hard Hawks fan, and during the very last, game-deciding play of the game, management SCREAMED at me to stop watching the game and “go clean something.”

The owner and his “entitled” friends would sit at the bar, getting drunk and high, while being obnoxious, inappropriate, and even verbally abusive to the staff.

You have NO IDEA how glorious that very first WSO of the DAY was for me.

It literally changed my life forever.

But I digress…

That job, in addition to my very early list building endeavors, allowed me to go from living here…
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