3D Tutorial Human Head Modelling with XSI-HCG

3D Tutorial Human Head Modelling with XSI-HCG

3D Tutorial Human Head Modelling with XSI-HCG

For the BEGINNING to INTERMEDIATE level SOFTIMAGE|XSI user. This new tutorial is a 6 (six) HOUR, self-paced project based training course consisting of 7 modules and 56 awesome modeling movies!

The purpose of this series is to teach you how to model an accurate human head with a topological layout suitable for animation using the BOX MODELING METHOD.

You will learn how to set-up lights for modeling, import and use background reference images, rough in the basic shape and create a proper topological layout for animation using edge loops.

“Mastering Human Head Modeling” from 3dtutorial.com will make the process of realistic head modeling easier than you could have ever imagined.

“Mastering Human Head Modeling in XSI by FREDERIC LIERMAN” will instruct you step by step in the methods and techniques necessary for creating awesomely lifelike human characters. You will learn how to maintain proper scale and proportion that will bring real life to your characters. You will learn how to create facial details such as wrinkles, folds, subcutaneous fat and many other details that will give your 3d heads a much higher standard of realism.

Best of all this tutorial doesn’t rely on any fancy plug-ins or other tricks to get the job done, only basic tools that yield stunning results.

Not using XSI yet? Well don’t feel left out because these techniques are applicable to nearly ANY professional 3d application. Regardless of whether you currently use Maya, 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, Wings 3d or many others û these lessons will be of extreme benefit.

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