35 Email Templates Every Business Needs – Appsumo

35 Email Templates Every Business Needs - Appsumo

35 Email Templates Every Business Needs – Appsumo

IF you are a Young Sumo-ling
IF you send over 10 emails a day… read this. You’ll learn to save time (and get WAY higher response rates outta your emails).

We noticed around the AppSumo Headquarters that A LOT of our time is spent emailing (and eating).

We also noticed a lot of our email content is the same… but some people get better response rates.

For example:
Our lead-sales Sumo gets more (and faster) email replies than the other sales guys.
Why is this?

It’s because the lead-sales Sumo sends a slightly better email.

THAT’S IT! And what’s more, he uses a template. EASY. SIMPLE.

We decided to see what other email templates work the best. So we sweet-talked a bunch of high-profile internet nerds and got access to their most successful templates (meaning these are the ones that get the HIGHEST and FASTEST response rates).

We’ve got emails from the outboxes of:

Ramit Sethi (iwillteachyoutoberich.com)
Noah Kagan (Chief Sumo)
Andrew Chen (angel investor)!
Our top sales Sumo
And a bunch more…

These guys have sent out MANY EMAILS in the past, but the specific email templates they use in this bundle are the ones that’ve proven to work the BEST and get the BEST RESULTS.

So these aren’t just “great emails for you to use”… these are TESTED AND PROVEN emails that work.

Here’s some of the categories of email templates you’ll get:

How to handle nightmare customers (and make them like you MORE after you email them back)
How to contact angel investors and VC’s
How to properly introduce two people
How to remind people that you’ve sent them an earlier email (without pissing them off)
How to contact reporters and the press (like TechCrunch)

[center][img]http://filetut.com/images/d.png[/img] [code] http://filetut.com/zqsj4fn11k8a/35_Email_Templates_Every_Business_Needs.rar.html
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