21 University Education for Ideal Man 2014 Tampa

21 University Education for Ideal Man 2014 Tampa

21 University Education for Ideal Man 2014 Tampa

21 University Education for Ideal Man 2014 Tampa

Name Product: 21 University – Education for Ideal Man 2014 Tampa
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What is 21 University?

21 University is a video streaming service for men that provides the best videos in the world on self-improvement, dating, health, philosophy and more; all in a tightly focused, perfectly designed, distraction free environment.

This takes the form of an online university designed to inspire self-education, the achievement of your own life, and the actualization of your own ideal man.

“21 University is undoubtedly, one of the single most valuable investments you can make in yourself and your future. If you want to become a better version of yourself, there’s no other resource that I know of ANYWHERE that tops the experience at 21 University.”
Tim F. – 21 University Member

Exclusive Videos
Immediate access to this 100% exclusive content is included with your membership
Exclusive Video #1: Nick Sparks Live Stream

Duration: 01:13:31
Exclusive 1

In this live stream, Nick Sparks and Anthony Johnson discuss a variety of topics that will help you get better with women. The most valuable parts of this conversation are Nick’s immediately implementable pieces of advice that are sure to help viewers reach their goals.
Exclusive Video #2: Sasha Daygame Live Stream

Duration: 01:25:19
Exclusive 2

In this live-stream filmed at 21 Convention studios, Sasha Daygame sites down with 21 University founder Anthony Dream Johnson to answer a wide variety of questions and answers from 21 University students, live!
Exclusive Video #3: Socrates Live Stream

Duration: 01:26:26
Exclusive 3

The first ever 21 University live-stream, with 2014 keynote speaker Socrates.
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“It’s making me ask questions of myself that I hadn’t considered, or honestly wanted to face. Inspiring stuff!”
James A. – 21 University Member

Why 21 University?
21 University IS For …

Men who are pursuing the highest vision of their life.
Men who are ready to step up and better themselves.
Men who plan for the long-term.
Men who think for themselves.

21 University Is NOT For …

Men looking for an easy fix.
Men who have no interest in becoming the Ideal Man.
Men who don’t question the status quo.
Men who choose to live a life of quiet desperation.

I’m proud to have built The 21 Convention over the past nine years. I’m even more proud to have made a small dent in the universe with hundreds of incredible videos from the event, and over ten million people reached.

But what I’m most proud of is to have applied the videos to my life, to walk my own talk, and enjoy those results in real life, every day.
Anthony Dream Johnson, CEO & Founder of The 21 Convention

2014 #1 – Socrates [Opening Keynote Address].mp4
2014 #10 – Doug McGuff [Functioning in High Stress Enviroments].mp4
2014 #11 – Socrates [Personal Map to the Sexual Marketplace].mp4
2014 #12 – James Marshall [How to Be a Man].mp4
2014 #13 – Sasha Daygame [Destroy Anxiety & Social Fear].mp4
2014 #14 – Robbie Kramer [Texting Women].mp4
2014 #15 – Ed Druce [How to Find a Mentor in Business].mp4
2014 #16 – Eric Daniels [Using Reason To Flourish].mp4
2014 #17 – Bill DeSimone [Joint Friendly Fitness].mp4
2014 #18 – Ellington Darden [The Body Fat Breakthrough].mp4
2014 #19 – Drew Baye [The Psychology of Exercise].mp4
2014 #2 – Damien Diecke [Think as a CEO – Date as a Rockstar].mp4
2014 #20 – Steve Mayeda [The Myth of the Alpha Male].mp4
2014 #21 – Alex RSD [Take Command of Your Dating Life].mp4
2014 #22 – Paul Jaminet [The Keys to Perfect Health].mp4
2014 #3 – Ed Aiken [Training for Extreme Violence].mp4
2014 #4 – Nick Sparks [How to Get Sexual Like a Man].mp4
2014 #5 – James Maclane [Top 7 Dating Skills].mp4
2014 #6 – Brent Smith [You Never Have to Chase Women Again].mp4
2014 #7 – James Steele Ph.D. [Exercise & Evolutionary Theory].mp4
2014 #8 – Don Watkins [Social Security & Self-Reliance].mp4
2014 #9 – Skyler Tanner [Fatherhood – The First 12 Months].mp4

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