100K Micro-stakes NL System: Crushing 50nl in 2012

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100K Micro-stakes NL System: Crushing 50nl in 2012

100K Micro-stakes NL System: Crushing 50nl in 2012

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Leading poker coach and best-selling author James SplitSuit Sweeney and Tri Nguyen worked extremely hard on this project and won’t hesitate to call this video series the definitive guide to crushing micro-stakes Full Ring and 6-max in 2012.

They spent tons of time researching the poker market to figure out what mistakes players are making and what they can do to fix these mistakes.
Why is this important to you?

Imagine sitting at a poker table and knowing your opponents’ weaknesses and proceed to ruthlessly exploit them.

Not only that, James and Tri offer advanced strategies on how you can stay ahead of the curve and AVOID becoming a victim of the modern poker game. The ultimate pain as a poker player is not being able to recognize when you’re the player the game is built around.
What if I’m not ready for advanced plays yet?

James has a knack for explaining complicated concepts using simple words that everyone can understand. In 12 action-packed videos, James break down popular topics such as 3-betting, poker math, isolating, cold-calling, turn and river play, and much more.
Video 1: Crucial Pre-flop Fundamentals

Learn the common pre-flop mistakes that are preventing micro-stakes players from crushing. You will be amazed how this one simple poker concept can help you avoid making costly mistakes.
Video 2: Cold Calling

5/10NL 6-max. You have AQ in the Big Blind.

MP opens $30. BTN re-raise to $100. You?

This video simplifies the process of cold calling and what you should be thinking when holding pocket pairs and broadway hands. You will see why conventional wisdom is not the correct advice for today’s tough games.
Video 3: Isolating

Attacking limpers is a great way to pad your winrate, but how would you like to double your winrate instead? This video offers subtle differences between a great isolater and a mediocre isolater.
Video 4: 3-Betting Value Hands

When you 3-bet a hand such as KQ, are you doing it for value or as a bluff? This video will give you a clear framework on how to create the optimal 3-betting value range. It’s much easier than you think.
Video 5: 3-Betting Bluffs

We know AA and KK win money, but the characteristic that separates men from boys is the ability to win money with marginal and weak hands.

Learn how you can use basic math, sizing, and blockers to 3-bet/4-bet/5-bet profitably.
Video 6: Dynamic Pre-flop Strategies

To excel in today’s tough games, your game needs more than just standard plays. This video goes over various spots where you can use your creativity to generate extra profits.
Video 7: Hand Read with Hand Classification

Hand reading can be tough but it’s much easier if you know the step-by-step process of breaking a hand down. This video offers 4 basic points that you can apply right away to improve your hand reading skills to the expert level.
Video 8: Bluff CBs

Some players get away with bluffing all the time, others don’t. What’s the difference between them? Is it intelligence? Is it because one player is more courageous than the other? No, the answer is one player uses bet sizing, elasticity, and equity analysis to his advantage while the other player doesn’t. This video will show you how.
Video 9: Expert Flop Play

There’s a subtle difference between a good play and a great play. This video goes through various lines and strategies that can help you consistently make great plays.
Video 10: The Golden Turn & River

Fortunes are won and lost on the turn and river. These streets are difficult to play and those who know how to play them well win a lot. This video use the advance concept of hand classification to simplify the common difficult spots and offer you strategies on how to play these spots profitably.
Video 11: Crushing 3-Bet Pots

The difference between a break-even player and a big winner is how well he plays in 3-bet pots. This video goes through all the variables of a 3-bet pot and offer you a set of guidelines to follow to improve your play.
Video 12: Breaking Down Complicated Hand Histories

Difficult spots come up all the time during a poker session and how well you do in these spots highly influence your winrate. This video gives you the insight on how to play these spots better.
Bonus Video #1: Player Profiling

Most players don’t win because they use the same set of strategies all opponents even though every poker player is unique.

This video identifies different type of players and offer you different adjustment strategies to outplay them.
Bonus Video #2: Poker Math Made Easy

Some players get math; some don’t. In this video, we makes poker math so easy that you can’t believe you had such a hard time calculating pot odds and EV.
Bonus Video #3: Poker Essentials Required for Survival

Why are some bright and smart people bad at poker? The reason is they don’t know how to manage themselves as a poker player. This video will show you how.

Lastly …

The 100K Micro-stakes NL System comes with a 90-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

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